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The "N" Word

No description

Steven Freitag

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of The "N" Word

Does it matter which race your friend is when he/she says it?
Does it matter when you say it?
Does a White Person have the right to use the N-Word if his/her group of friends use it?
The N-Word, Sports, and Music
The Riley Cooper Incident
Should he have been fined?
Do white athletes in black dominated sports have the right to say the N-word?
National Football League makes the N-word a 15 yard penalty
Is it wrong to do?
Should they just ban all curse words?
What about the Redskins?

Why do you think white rappers such as Eminem do not use the N-word?
Most black people said 'Anybody'
Most likely place - School
Most white people said 'A White Friend
Most likely place - Sports
Most Asian people said 'Nobody'
Most likely place - School
Most hispanic people said 'Anybody'
All hispanic people said School
The Use of the N-Word
Steven Freitag
How Did I Conduct My Research?
More surveys
The "N" Word - When can you say it?
Whenever the N-word is spoken, its always followed by the same question; 'Can white people say nigger?' And the correct answer is 'not really.'
-Chris Rock
Where and With Who Would You Most Likely Use the N-Word?
Do any of these answers surprise you?
Why or why not?
Why do you think the location matters when it comes to saying the N-word?
What rappers can use the N-word?
Is it okay to use the N-word when in an environment as described in the picture? What about the opposite?
If any, which of these images bother you? What about it bothers you?
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