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ashley garcia

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of FOOD INC.

Who is responsible for keeping our food safe?

Question: who is responsible for keeping our food safe?
Answer: From the consumers perspective the answer would be the farmers' and food producers are responsible for keeping our food safe.
In the film Food Inc. 2 year old Kevin Kowalcyk died of E. coli after eating hamburgers. This cause of this was because the cows the beef came from were being fed corn which is not healthy for them and is a cheap inefficient way of feeding them to keep them healthy and nutritious. Thus cause the cow to be contaminated and from the meet being consumed by Kevin, he was contaminated as well.
Who is responsible for keeping our food safe?
-Based on the film we see that is the producers of the products job to keep our food safe. They are the ones handling it before we consume and is in our posession. Therefore, it is up to themm to make sure they are doing everything right so when it gets to the consumer they are not contaminated.

-Government is not responsible

Based on Kevin's story, who is responsible for his death?
It is safe to say that once again it is the producers fault because if they would have been raising and feed the cows in the proper conditions then the cow would not have been contaminated, and produced contaminated meat.
Do we have the right to assume that our food is safe? if so who do you think should be responsible?
We do have the right to assume our food is safe based on labels we see on products such as “All Natural” Just knowing that its being put on the shelves and being sold helps we assume our food is safe to consume. So it’s all up to the producers and farmers’ of these foods to make sure they are grown and/or raised properly. Because once it’s been contaminated there is nothing we can do except throwing it away, if we know that it’s bad.
Ideas for Action
We encourage you all to find out more about the meat and poultry pathogen reduction and enforcement act or even Kevin's law. We also would like you to check out the Center for Food borne illness website at www.foodborneillness.org to learn more about recent efforts to curb E. coli contamination.

Imagine you were in charge of making sure a death like Kevin's never happened again, what steps would you take?
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