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ASA - Advertising Standards Authority

No description

Rachel Chamberlain

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of ASA - Advertising Standards Authority

Advertising Regulation
Regulates all UK advertising
Advertising Standards Authority
What do they do?
The UK’s independent regulator for advertising across all media,
Broadcast and non-Broadcast
, this includes acting on complaints and proactively checking the media for misleading , harmful or offensive advertising.
There are about 33 codes for advertisers to follow. The principles of these Codes are
that advertisements should:
Not mislead or cause serious or widespread offence or harm, especially to children or the vulnerable.
What are the Advertising Codes?
decent, honest and truthful.
ASA Investigate
If the ad is judged to be breach of the Codes, then the ad must be withdrawn or amended.
ASA uphold the claim or don't uphold it.
Last step

If You see an advert that offends, upsets or angers you.
The vast majority of advertisers comply with the ASA’s rulings.
Case Studies
You complain via email , website , letter to the ASA
The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) write and maintain the UK Advertising Codes for broadcast adverts and non-broadcast.
The central principle for
marketing is that it should be legal,
Their mission is to ensure that advertising in all media is
legal, decent, honest and truthful,

to the benefit of consumers, business and society.
What product is being advertised?

What claims are being made for the product?

What image are they portraying?

Could companies make the same claims for this product today?

Why not?

Big Question Three
Lesson one: What are the limits?


ASA Powerpoint
Choose 1 complaint from the top ten, investigate the claim....
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