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SWOT Analysis

No description

livy may

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

Making Decisions and Encouraging Leadership SWOT analysis Definition of a SWOT analysis A SWOT analysis is mainly used in a business to understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Weaknesses Opportunities- A weakness is when a business has internal factors that work against the business's potential. External factors that provides a bonus to your business. S- strengths
Internal factors that help the business succeed. Strengths:
• What advantages does your organization have?
• What do you do better than anyone else?
• What unique or lowest-cost resources can you draw upon that others can't?
• What do people in your market see as your strengths?
• What factors mean that you "get the sale"? The questions that your business should think about:
•What could you improve?
•What should you avoid?
•What are people in your market likely to see as weaknesses?
•What factors lose your sales? Ask yourself these questions:
What good opportunities can you spot?
• What interesting trends are you aware of? Threats- A threat is out of your control which a business can face due to external factors. What obstacles do you face?
• What are your competitors doing?
• Are quality standards or specifications for your job, products or services changing?
• Is changing technology threatening your position?
• Do you have bad debt or cash-flow problems?
• Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your business? 1. The Center is located within a two-minute walk of the main bus station, and is a
fifteen-minute ride away from the local railway station. Opportunity 2. There is a competition Olympic-sized swimming pool. STRENGTH 3. One of the largest shopping centers in town has recently opened next door. Opp 4. It is one of the oldest centers in the area and needs some cosmetic attention. Weakness 5. Due to an increase in disposable income over the last six years, local residents
have more money to spend on exercise. opp 6. In general people are living longer and there are more local residents aged over
fifty-five now than ever before. opp 7. After a heated argument with the manager of a competing fitness center, the leader of a respected local scuba club is looking for a new venue. 8. The local authority is considering raising taxes on all local fitness centers by the
year 2015. threat 9. Press releases have just confirmed that Workout Fitness Center is the first center in the area to be awarded a quality
assurance standard award. 10. A private joke between staff states that if you want a day-off from work that you should order
a smoothie from the Center's juice bar, which has never made a profit. weakness 11. Workout Fitness Center has received a grant to fit special ramps and changing rooms to accommodate the local disabled. strength 12. It is widely acknowledged that Workout Fitness Center has the best-trained and most respected staff of
all of the centers in the city. strength/ opportunity opp Opportunity Thankyou for watching
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