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Henry Ford Presentation

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on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of Henry Ford Presentation

Henry Ford
Engineering and Innovating
for the People
A brief summary of Ford Co. , The Model T, and
Assembly Line Production
Born on his family's ranch in Michigan on July 30th, 1863

William Ford
Mary Ford
Henry Ford
Margaret Ford
Jane Ford
William Ford
Robert Ford
Henry despised farm work. When he was 16, he decided to leave his home to pursue his interest in machinery instead of taking charge of the farm like his father wanted him to.
As a kid, Henry constantly tried to fix things. After his father gave him a stopwatch, he dismantled and rebuilt it. He constantly did the same with his neighbors' timepieces, earning himself the reputation of local watch repairman.
Henry had no known formal education during his youth.
He studied with the machines around him as if they were textbooks, essentially becoming a self-taught mechanic.
He held internships in several places, such as the Flowers Brothers Machine Shop, Detroit Dry Dock Co. , and Westinghouse Co. , among others.
Henry developed a preference for learning by means of trial-and-error
Despite having the opportunity to run the family farm, Henry was determined to pursue his passion -- machinery.
He rarely held an internship position for long. He was constantly moving from company to company whenever he felt that one would offer him better learning opportunities
Welcome to the Business World
Edison Illuminating Co.
(Founded by Thomas Edison)
Henry Ford began an internship at Edison Illuminating's in 1891. He had no experience with electrical engineering, but he considered it to be an excellent learning opportunity.
Eventually, Henry rose to Chief Engineer (1893) of the Illuminating Co. His promotion pushed him to new levels of leadership and experience.
During the night, he worked on designing his own "car":
The Quadricycle's design was culminated in 1896. It was self-propelled, steered like a boat, had bicycle wheels, ran with only a two-cylinder four-horsepower gasoline engine, and had no reverse.
Edison's continued support and approval motivated Ford to continue improving his model.
Detroit Automobile Co.
The Detroit Automobile Co. was Henry Ford's first automobile company.
The company caught the attention of several investors: Detroit Mayor William Maybury, William H. Murphy, and Senator Thomas W. Palmer
Only 20 vehicles were built, and $86,000 (the equivallent of $2.11 million today) of investment was lost.
The company dissolved in January 1901.
Henry Ford Company
Henry's 2nd automobile company
It was much more successful than the Detroit Motor Co. , and drew in even more investors
Henry lefft his company after several disputes with his partners. They were desperate to constantly release new models, but Ford was always looking for ways to improve his vehicles and refused to release models until he felt that they were of good enough quality.
His partners moved on without him, and renamed the company to the Cadillac Motor Car Division (yes, THE Cadillac)
The Move that changed the automobile industry
Ford Motor Co.
Incorporated in 1903, and was SUCCESSFUL!!!!
Caught the attention of 12 investors, including John and Horace Dodge (founders of Dodge)
Most successful cars (during the first years)
Ford Model A
Ford Model T
Produced from October 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927
Suffered of overheating and slipping transmission bands, two common problems with automobiles in that era
Produced from 1903-1904
The A's motor was replaced with the Model C's motor in 1904, forming the Model AC
The A was brought back in 1927 with further improvments
First Affordable Automobile
But Why?
"Fordism" and Assembly Line Production
Ford's most succesful car at the time
Fordism- "the eponymous manufacturing system designed to spew out standardized, low-cost goods and afford its workers decent enough wages to buy them" (De Grazia, Victoria (2005), Irresistible Empire: America's Advance Through 20th-Century Europe)
(In other words, the product is cheap, but employees are paid enough to buy the product, too)
Assembly line =
no manual transport of parts
less effort required
parts are moved in sequence
allows for the construction of several products in the time it takes to build one manually
With less effort and time required to build the Model Ts, leading to a higher production rate, Ford was able to drop the car's price to an affordable amount that the "average American" could afford
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