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Helen Zhang Profile 1

No description

Helen Zhang

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Helen Zhang Profile 1

I enjoy planning and taking lead
3 years related CPG industry experience

I took
in launching campaigns to re-brand my company from a packaging trading company to a full turnkey strategic vendor.
B.B.A with distinction

Secured new projects by analyzing costs and offering competitive pricing
I made monthly recommendations of innovative product ideas based on research data and reports from professional websites.

Why am i a good fit?
Proactive Thinking
Continuous Self-Development
Why marketing?
People say marketing is purely an art form, but I think marketing has to be both
analytical and creative simultaneously
People say marketing is about telling stories but I think marketing is about creating stories originated from credible data, and translating the data into a way that is understandable and inspiring to consumers. A marketer has to understand its targets' needs thoroughly. Marketing as a career is fascinating to me because the mixture of science and art simultaneously stimulates intellectual and innovative thinking.

Why Digital Marketing Assistant Manager?

Social media has become a powerful tool for companies to bring the
of the brand to the consumers. It not only influences but also empowers consumers in their decision making process. Digital marketing is still a fairly new concept for companies to adopt, meaning there are great
for J&J marketers to take advantage of. Being accountable for all the digital and social media aspects of the brand will be a precious learning experience to train myself to become a great marketer in the new age. It is also a great chance to work with brilliant people to initiate ideas and implement them from the beginning to the end. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for me to exercise my
entrepreneurial nature
in practice.

What To Do Next?
Think and act
like an owner
Think on others' behalf to achieve
Led 10+ product launches from end to end for 7+ companies
***Pictures shown here are part of the products I developed for Estee Lauder & Mary Kay
Commercialized 3 product innovations with innovation conservative brands under EL.
Led multifunctional teams in providing timely and high quality services to our clients.
Awarded "Vendor of the Year" from Mary Kay.
My work experience at an intermediate sized company gives me lots of opportunities to handle and learn multiple business functions, which has trained me to
think and act like an entrepreneur
Honest and Straightforward
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