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Ikhii's Awesome CV

Inspire all to create great CV. ;)

John Hii

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Ikhii's Awesome CV

Education & qualifications Work Experience Rejected University Bachalor of Rejecting and condemning idiots. Honors
with extra one year of ludicracy Excuse University
of Nonsense Masters in identifying excuse maker. Graduate poorly
as found out my lecturer gave too much excuses! Undo University Nothing is undoable in real life. I regret go to this uni! Interests & achievements CV JOHN I.K.HII Will you hire me? Able to walk
accross the street
without mommy Basket Robins Ltd. Position : Professional Banana splitter I KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE Collect Limited
Barbie dolls (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio XXX Creative Director (wanna be) Skills : Able to split banana and
add ice-cream on top of it. Skills References Observatory Sdn. Bhd Position: Watcher (look C look C) Skills : Able to practice head & neck
fishing technique in meetings. UFO no.had Position : MIB Skills : Don't ask Don't tell. I keep poor
secret one and all the above skills. Meet with Beautiful women Overly Analytical Something something leader ship/boat Ultra+Doremon+man GREEN LANTERN My Portfolio! Nemo Thick skin
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