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1800s Review

No description

Karan Deocharran

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of 1800s Review

Poe Transcendentalism 1) Got his middle name from the Allen Family.
2) He wrote American Gothic, Horror writer and detective fiction.
3) His writing is in Iambic Pentameter.
4) His wife sold all his work to his enemy, Rufus Wilmont Griswalds.
5) He was born in 1809 and died in 1849.
6) His homes have become museums.
1) Born in 1830
2)She dealt with deaths of her mother and childhood friends.
3) Her poems were published by her sister and brother mistress.
4) She use slant rhyme and her works don't have titles.
5)She doesn't like leaving her room. Emily Dickenson 1) Lasted from 1800s to 1865.
2) First literary period in America.
3) First to use fiction (moving forward and backwards in time)
4) Strong emphasis on nature, vocabulary, and description.
5) Try to make everything perfect The Romantic Period 1) Born in 1819 and died in 1892
2) His works is bridge between romantic, transcendentalism, and realism
3) First to use free verse
4) He would edit his works instead of writing new ones.
5) His nickname was the "Angel of White"
Walt Whitman 1) Polar opposites of romanticism
2) Lasted from 1840s to 1850s
3)Essays were shorter and use simple words
4) It focus on nature
5)Ownership v. Stewardship Henry David Thoreau 1) Wrote "On Walden Pond"
2) Lived in Concord, Mass.
3) Build his own cabin,and grew his own food
4) He lived there for 2 years
5) Walden pond became a tourist attraction but traffic destroy the environment. Park service took over.
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