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Introduction of Mr. Lingren's Chemistry Classes

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Gabby Smith

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Introduction of Mr. Lingren's Chemistry Classes

Teacher: Mr. Lindgren
Number of years of Experience:
Teaching: 43>X<45
Teaching Chemistry: X-14
Years at DCHS: All of X
Current Subjects Teaching: Biology,
Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry.
High School Chemistry
Masters Degree Major: Technology
Leslie University
Bachelors Degree Major: Biology
University of Minnesota
Bachelors Degree
Minor: Chemistry and Earth Science
Mr. Lindgren's
experience with teaching.

•Students enthusiasm and willingness to risk academically.
•Reluctant learners that are difficult to motivate.
Mr. Lindgren would like the
to motivate them.

lab mishap in the lab portion of class.

•Acid spill to the eyes of a student. Very serious but thankfully,
•Safety procedures taught earlier avoided permanent damage!

changes Mr. Lindgren has seen in the last five years.

•Less parental involvement and encouragement.
•Some "orphans" struggle without guidance and support.

Classroom Management:
Meaningful assignments mixed with activity, lecture and review.

Challenge of Teaching:
Finding the lessons that will interest and motivate.

Rewards of Teaching:
The kids and their excitement, individual needs, and the challenge to motivate them.

What would Mr. Lindgren Change:
Shorter hours on task with study sessions with tutors for those that need extra help. Sometimes there is very little support from home.

Mr. Lidgren's Philosophy Statement:
Schools are for children and are designed to assist learning for each individual.

The End
Thank you for your time!
What the students had to say about chemistry class
Five Questions
1. What do you like most about class?
2. What makes this class different from others?
3. What has been your most interesting thing to learn?
4. What has been the most difficult thing to learn?
Number One
#1 Answer
Mr. Lindgren 5/11
2/11 Like the subject material.
1/11 Likes the lab portion of class.
1/11 Likes Mr. Lindgren and the labs.
1/11 Likes everything.
1/11 Likes "the honeys."
#1 Answer
Mr. Lindgren and labs 6/15
5/15 Like Mr. Lindren.
4/15 Like the lab/ chemical reactions.

My Favorite Answer: What I like most about this class is Mr. Lindgren. I don't understand chemistry much but I like burning things. (Girl)
Number Two
#1 Answer
Mr. Lindgren 5/11
4/11 Say the difference is how the class setup/ how it is hands on, interesting, and taught.
3/11 Say the difference is how Mr. Lindgren teaches.
1/11 Says the difference is the difficulty and effort they have to put into it.
1/11 Says the difference is the "honeys."

My Favorite Answer: Mr. Lindgren, he makes
learning fun, and chemistry easy to
#1 Answer
Work/ hands on/ lab material 5/15
4/15 Say the difference is Mr. Lindgren and his teaching style.
3/15 Say the difference is the difficulty of the material.
2/15 Say the difference is Mr. Lindgren and the labs.
1/15 Says the difference is this class is more hands on and much more in depth and difficult.
14 Students
15 Students
Question Number Three - First Period
My Top Five Favorites
1. Valuable life skills.
2. I have enjoyed learning about molarity and combining math and science.
3. My favorite thing to learn in this class has been chemical reactions because I like the lab work that goes along with it.
4. The way chemicals and compounds react with acids.
5. What chemicals can burn your skin off.
Question Number - Second Period
My top five favorite answers.
(almost all said chemical reactions)
1. I like it all!
2. Balancing and writing chemical equations.
3. My favorite thing to learn is what color the chemicals turn when we burn them.
4. Melting glass
5. Learning how to make cool reactions.
Question Four both classes combined.
Number One difficult subject matter.
11/26 Said this was the most difficult topic to learn.
"Moles, until Mr. Lindgren explained it to me."
Number Two difficult subject matter.
6/26 Said that this was the most difficult topic to learn.
Cookie Recipe.
3/26 Say that balancing chemical equations is the most difficult.
All math equations.
The names of all the scientists and what they did.
Wave length and frequency.
*Pretty much everything has been difficult.
Probably about moles and equations I'm sure it will get tougher along the way.
That water is a liquid. (Same person who wrote honeys.)
Mr. Lindgren is very patient and understanding. He takes time one on one to help you better understand things.
He has helped me solve problems on assignments not by giving me the answer but by explaining how it works and pointing me in the right direction.
I doubt I'd pass this class without Mr. Lindgren I come up seventh period and get help on homework and anything I didn't understand
He's always excited to give assistance when asked for it.
He has always given his time if I struggle with something and has been understanding.
Question Five
Just took it slow and didn't move on until he got it in your head.
Mr. Lindgren explains everything and makes it super fun. Also telling us what may happen if you use the stronger stuff on the same things we are using.
Offered to help in the mornings or whenever I need it. I mean besides explaining everything perfectly.
He showed me the truth.
Mr. Lindgren is very patient and always offers extra help in any subject. He makes himself available every morning, lunch, and even after school. He will reteach an entire lesson if needed.
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