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Choosing your "Just Right" Book...AGAIN!

No description

Te Youman

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Choosing your "Just Right" Book...AGAIN!

Choosing your "Just Right" Book...AGAIN!
Today's Objective
I will analyze a novel to help me choose my "Just right book" that I will finish for Reading class.
Why is it important for me to take selecting a book so serious?
We will have a lot of independent reading time in class.
As a part of your grade, I will be conferencing with you during the independent reading time.
Duh, You're a soon-to-be 9th grader! It's about time you finish a book!
Did I say it's a part of your grade? Yea, it is!
Another thing, IT IS YOUR CHOICE! So pick something you like!
5 Finger Rule Re-Visited
I will model How to use the checklist and the 5 finger rule when selecting a new book.
Exit Slip:
Answer the following questions in complete sentences...
1. Based on the information from the test reflection activity, identify the standard you need to improve on.

Standard ____________ Percentage _________% How do you plan to improve?

2. Identify the Title, Author, and genre of your choice novel.

3. Establish goal and create a plan for finishing your novel. The information you need to include is your time frame for finishing the novel and what you plan to do to reach that goal.

Do - Now!! 5 minutes to answer
Write your answers to the following genre description on your paper.

The Fallen by Paul Langan
Martin Luna world is crumbling. A fight threatens to end his sophomore year at Bluford High School. But at home, things are even worse. Frankie, the most feared homeboy from his neighborhood, is hunting him. Alone and with time running out, Martin makes a desperate choice. Will it save or destroy him? This is book eleven in the Bluford series.

Genre: ___________________________________ Subgenre: _________________________________

Explain your answer:

Read your novel when you finish the do - now!
Time to re-select a book: Here's how this will work...
All the readers who will keep their books will sit together.
Everyone will complete two lessons on Roots and Context Clues.
Those who will re-pick will have time to do so and complete the checklist.
If you finish the worksheet, and you have a book, you will read silently, and answer guided reading question.
During the independent work time....
Stay Focused and worry about yourself!
If you distract anyone and are off task, you will get a call home.
Complete all assignments.
Guided Reading Notes...
There will be a chart paper on the board of information you need to note from your text. THIS WILL BE GRADED!
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