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Character and Setting

No description

Clerisa Smith

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Character and Setting

Character and Setting
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
are the
people, animals, and imaginary creatures

that are in stories, plays, and texts.
There are usually 1 or 2 main characters.
There can be many secondary characters too.

Character traits
(how they think and act) help make the story come to life.
The setting is
where and when
the story happens.
The setting is a time...the
past, present, or future
The setting is also a
Characters in stories or movies
What is a setting?
Bad Kitty
Junie B. Jones
Flat Stanley
Judy Moody
Brother Bear
What are Characters?
Greg & Rowley
Percy Jackson
Dog house
Far away place
at dawn in a forest
rush hour in a car
in a tree house
deep under the sea
Story Elements
All good stories have the same basic elements that include
character(s), setting(s), plot, conflict, and theme.

plot = storyline
conflict= the problem
(usually at the beginning of a story with a solution at the end).
theme= the message of the story
We'll learn about Characters & setting today

Identifying story elements will help you to better understand PLUS it will help you to learn to write good stories of your own.

Knowing and understanding the
in a story makes the books you read or the stories you write
Why are characters and setting important?
Describe some words that an author would use to create a setting or scene.
What is the title of this story?
Who is the main character of the story?
Who were the secondary characters?
What is the setting of this story?

Name some

main characters
from a book, movie, or a story that you've read?
All stories have basic elements that make up a good story.
Dinner time at Hogwarts
on a farm
Today, we will discuss what makes up a good story. Understanding the parts of a good story will help you when you read or write stories. We will learn about
characters and setting
Here is a Flocabulary about Story Elements. Remember all GOOD stories have the same basic elements
Authors will describe
in order
to help the reader paint a picture of
when and where
the story takes place.
Using the stories that you mentioned earlier...
When and where does the story take place? what was the setting?

Compare and Contrast the setting where William grew up in England to the house he built in New England.
You guessed it!
The story takes place in 1637 in New England
Secondary characters?
Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Do you recognize this picture?

What are the settings of the stories from the characters you mentioned earlier?
Is there more than one setting?
How does the setting effect the story?

How would you describe some of these characters?
You and a partner will compare and contrast the setting of William's House to the house he grew up in.
Use your book to find your answers.
Draw and label the main character and the secondary characters from a scene in William's House
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