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Should students be able to grade their teachers?

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Jordan Starke

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Should students be able to grade their teachers?

Teachers are evaluated on a reflection of their students' grades and how well the students score on state tests.
Some students teach themselves what they're learning in class and their test grades reflect how well they pick up a concept, not how well the teacher is teaching it.
Not all teachers offer extra help and have a flexible schedule.
Teachers are one sided on how they teach things.
Jordan & Tessa.
Should students be able to grade their teachers?
Much like colleges, middle and high school students should be able to voice their opinion and evaluate all of their teachers learning techniques.
Reason 1.
Some teachers give a lot of assignments from textbooks, which means theoretically, kids are teaching themselves.
Schools are pushing project based learning which is giving a student a topic and asking them to research it themselves and learn it.
Reason 2.
Some teachers have children of their own that they have to take care of which limits the time they have to give extra help to students who need it.
Because some teachers lack flexibility student's parents are having to pay for a tutor to help them.
Reason 3.
Not every student learns the same way.
Some students are hands on learners, others can simply listen and learn, others are visual or note takers.
All teachers should try to make sure all the students understand a topic before they move on to the next.
For opposing views.
Students are evaluated on a daily basis not only through test scores, but by how they represent the school and some are even awarded on their behavior. Teachers are just as much a part of the school as students and should be evaluated on these things as well.
Every 9 weeks a teacher should get evaluated by every student they have to see what they can improve on to make the learning process easier.
Works cited page.
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