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Culture of Cool

No description

Kristen McCauliff

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of Culture of Cool

But to be a coolhunter means you are:
Bringing what’s cool into the mainstream

What is a cool hunter?
How does it interact with what Frank says?
Were hipsters “coolhunted”?

…….why else would everyone be wearing skinny jeans?
Who decides what’s cool? Certain “kids” in certain places—and only the coolhunters know who they are.
Counterculture fed into and was, in turn, created by the mainstream culture of advertising…
“What I think happened in the 60’s is I think irony happened. And the idea of selling non-earnestly became cool. And obviously it’s not a mistake that that’s when the baby boomers started turning 18.”
-Jon Hamm, Mad Men
The Culture of “Cool”
How do corporations intervene in the “cool cycle”?
(End of section 2)
What examples struck you?
What are some current examples?

“I’m looking for somebody who is an individual, who has definitely set himself apart from everybody else, who doesn’t look like his peers.”
Desire for cool…..
But what is “real”?
Counter culture…an enduring MYTH

…HIP is a commercial style

“rebel” youth culture remains the cultural mode of the corporate moment…

is not
a simple dichotomy that pits mainstream against counterculture…
Poseurs & Cultural Cache
“doing products” rather than doing art
How does this interact with Frank’s argument?
Why do People Hate Hipsters?
* Quiz 2

* Discussion Boards

At its simplest, cool is neither too hot nor too cold, and it's with this meaning that the word initially slipped into our language....
Coolness is a fleeting shadow, a flickering light. You may have it today but you won't tomorrow....
10th/11th Century-> 16th Century-> 1920s-> 1960s-> today
History of "Cool"
"if they were really hipsters how could there be so many of them?"
- Jerry Seinfeld
3 historical points of significance
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