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Mart Beerten

on 10 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Introduction of ourselves
Introduction of the project
Planning of the project
Financing and budgeting the project
Effective project management in a small business organization
How to make the project successful
Case: conflict in the organization
Recommendations and conclusion
Introduction of ourselves
Mart Beerten
Director of operations
Strengths: ambitious, team player,
Weaknesses: perfectionist, impatient,
Jamal King
General/Project manager
Strengths: confident speaker,
leader, independent
Weaknesses: independent,
mildly arrogant, refuses to acknowledge
any weaknesses
Cyrille Livet
Financial director
Strengths: diplomat, autonomous,
Weaknesses: not flexible, tough,
prefer to work alone

Introduction of the project

Student project
Arizona state university
Phoenix, Arizona
Connect prepared food with hungry people
Target group:
Cities with income disparity
Cities with international hotels in developing countries
Food service businesses:
restaurants, caterers
enhanced federal tax deductions
Volunteers: students, social commited people
Community centers, schools, churches
Restaurants & caterers: register food on mobile app
Volunteer driver: pick up donated food + delivery to nearby shelter/food bank
Hungry individuals receive text message

Planning the project
1. Objectives
Avoid mass food wastage
Encouraging people to help others in need
Reduce number of people who are hungry everyday
2. Program
Major actions:
Develop applications
Inform & encourage all the participating parties
Who are the hungry people? + Inform them
3. Schedule
4. Budgetting
Teamwork created around Financial Director
Find a solution to finance the project
Develop partnerships
5. Forecast
Let's consider the following demand after 3 years with surveys on target group

Sold meals/year (Phoenix):
70% poor people own a cell phone
100 000
125 000
133 000
149 500
166 000
6. Organizational structure
7. Policy
Decision making
Centralized by each department + reporting to project manager
Let the participating parties feel that they really contribute to the company
Restaurants and caterers: limited decision making on packaging material
8. Standard
Participating parties: volunteers
hard to set standards
Operations department
average of13 food service businesses/month/city
average of 7 community centers/month/city
average of 15 volunteers/month/city
IT department
Maintain the app in all active cities
smooth communication between all the parties
Financing and budgeting the project
Ways to finance the project
Financial partnerships
Principle: add inserts from external actors on FF app
Government help
start-up, from green economy
NGO help
Capital expenditure data for the project:
Future value of investment
Ways to finance the project
Crowd invest own money
Used by start-up to launch activity
Business angels
Natural person who share a part of his/her inheritance
Phoenix, Arizona
Tuscon, Arizona
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
Dominican Republic
All Capitals of all states
in North America
Effective project management
in the small business organization

Defining 'small project'
Continuous communication
Close interaction between
PM & FMs
Discussion of PM @ FlashFood
Shorter lines of communication
Tighter monetary control
Limited resources
How to make the project successful
What is project success?
PMBOK Guide definition
Updated to include SCOPE
Shared accountability
Significantly reduce food wastage and number of hungry people
Encouraging participating parties
Developing all activities most efficiently (via app etc.)
To keep in mind:
Project managed by general manager who delegates to the 3 line managers
Line managers have own missions and don't transgress it

Jamal, the general manager, is as we know an independent worker. He took it upon himself to bring forward our plans for Tuscon, initially planned to take place in 2016. Now they will instead transpire in 2015. He chose not to consult with us on the matter and has only now arranged a meeting telling us he has something ‘important' to say to the rest of the team. Since he’s a confident speaker, he comes across like he has it all figured out. We receive no apology for being left out of proceedings that we should have been notified of sooner and we should have been a part of the decision process. The director of operations, Mart, is a real dreamer, so she’s really excited to begin the project. But there’s a problem with the financial department. It’s not financially viable to go through with it yet, says Cyrille, since we are in partnership with a business angel, who will provide us money to develop our activities in 2016 but not as soon as 2015. Jamal is however stubborn, he says that things must go on as planned and leaves it to Cyrille to resolve the matter of financing the project which he claims, MUST commence in 2015. Shortly afterwards he leaves the meeting.


Key factors success:
Communication was present in all team workers
“Salad bowl” between team workers
Teams built with different talents
Delegations of tasks from line managers to volunteers
Points to be re-examined
Respect of retro planning
Able to be more reactive with unforeseen circumstances
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