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Copy of Multinational States

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Ed Banks

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Multinational States

Examples of multinational states
A multinational state is a sovereign state which is
viewed as being comprised of two or more nations
What is a multinational state?
What is a stateless nation?
Problems with multinational states
Nationalism amongst people in a multinational state is the leading contributor to the state's probable failure. People with nationalistic ideals that are forced to share their country with those of another nation who might feel the same way often poses a major problem. Conflict over territory is seemingly never ending in multinational states as well, seeing as there is no set division of the nationalities. Most nationalities in multinational states consist of minorities exiled from other countries.
When a large ethnic group of people are spread out amongst multiple countries making them the minority in every one, conflict can arise. Even though the group could be high in their total number, when they are so low in each individual country, they have little to no say in the government. Many stateless nations, (such as the Kurds or Native Americans) feel entitled to a state of their own, and when their request is denied, anger can erupt, and violence can then ensue.
--Russia (former USSR)
Multinational States
*Austria-Hungary: Former multinational state
A stateless nation can be categorized as an ethnic group of people spread out across multiple states, without territory or boundaries to claim as their own.
*Map illustrating the distribution of the Kurdish people (stateless nation) across 4 different countries
*Spanish citizens at a parade
Problems with stateless nations
Basque Country – the three million strong, stateless nation that straddles the north west coast of Spain and south eastern France gather striving for their independence
-Recognizes 39 nationalities
-20% of the population is non-Russian
-People feel ethnically different from Russians
-- United Kingdom
-Contains: England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland
-Each nation has its own flag, language, first minister and even has their own soccer team in World Cup
-England has conquered territories & they're still part of UK
Examples of stateless nations
-Population: 77 million
-States inhabited: Sri Lanka & India
-Irredentist movement: Tamil Nationalism
--Yoruba People
-Population: 38 million
-States inhabited: Nigeria, Benin, Togo
-Irredentist movement: Oodua People Congress
--Kurdish People
-Population: 35 million
-States inhabited: Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Armenia, Syria
-Irredentist movement: Kurdish-Turkish Conflict
Irredentism: any position of a state advocating annexation of territories administered by another state on the grounds of common ethnicity or prior historical possession, actual or alleged.
*citizens of Kashmir fighting for independence from India
Unrecognized Nations: Basque Country
Article on Kurdish Conflict turning more violent
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