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Copy of Cultural Differences

International Tourism Mangagement

Stefanie Spreng

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Cultural Differences

Sophie Schachl & Stefanie Spreng Cultural Differences Ingrid Griffiths Richard Sharpley (2012)
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Literatur Review 13 articles
1axtract from a Ph. D. paper Prof. Linda Osti
7 different journals
11 different authors
journal sources
Science direct
Business Search Premier
Reserve Collection, Prof. Osti
Introduction Tourism as world’s most important activities
Tourism as fastest growing element in global trade
International tourism always more popular
Trend: travelling to experiences other cultures
International tourism has cross-cultural nature
Cultural difference between international tourists& destination as an important factor
(H.R Seddighi, M.W Nuttall, A.L Theocharous, 2001) (Wei Wie, 2012) Culture distinguishes different nationalities of people

majority of individuals share a stable, dominant cultural character

remains constant over a long period of time

difficult to change Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1997
Culture Culture great influence on tourism businesses entering the international market

successful cross-cultural marketing = key for tourism enterprises
Cultural Differences result of differences in dominant cultural character of societies

tourist behaviour is affected by cultural background
Cultural Differences social contact with a culture different from one’s own either can be rewarding or not

international tourist values do no equal host values

individual & regional cultural differences-> cultural background more important
Cultural Differences The critical variable of cross-cultural tourist-host contact Cultural Differences 3 types of social contact (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1997) (Hofestede's, 1980b) (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1997) (Hofestede's, 1980b) a way of life of a particular group of people

patterns of behaviour

feeling and thinking

people’s values perceptions

symbols, attitudes

values acquired in early childhood through the same life experience

determines national education, religion, work organizations,…
(Harris, 1968; Kluckhohn, 1951; Bagby, 1953; Radcliffe-Brown, 1957; Malinowski, 1939; Hofstede, 1980a; Triandis, 1972; Urriola, 1989; Geertz, 1973; Hofstede, 1980b)(Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998)

Wei Wie, 2012 (Hofstede’s, 1980b)
(Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998) (Chen, 2000; Crotts & Erdmann, 2000; Litvin, Crotts, & Hefner, 2004; Litvin & Kar, 2003) (Daniel C. Funk, Tennille J. Bruun, 2007) Cultural Differences in cultural values, social behaviour, attitudes, perceptions, needs, expectations, experiences, beliefs, norms, motivations, verbal and non-verbal behaviour

may be small or large

importance of understanding how cultural differences in cultural elements affect interpersonal interactions

can cause differences in behaviour & its interpretation
(Landis, Brislin, 1983) (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998) (Landis, Brislin, 1983) (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998) (Sutton, W., Travel and understanding: notes on the social structure of tourism) International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 1967, 8(2), 218-223 (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1997) (Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998) (Boissevain and Inglott, 1979; Brewer, 1984; Pi-Sunyer, 1978) (Pizam and Sussman, 1995)(Yvette Reisinger, Lindsay Turner, 1998) extent of the cultural similarities & differences between participants

-> degree of “interculturalness” in the encounter

(Levine, 1979) (Sutton, 1967) 1) the same, or similar

2) different - differences are small & supplementary

3) different - differences are large & incompatible

desirable behaviour culture A does not equal desirable behaviour in culture B (Sutton, 1967) (Brewer&Campbell, 1976) (Brewer&Campbell, 1976) (Sutton, 1967; Triandis, 1977) (Brislin, 1981)
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