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Raising a Modern-day Knight

No description

Chase Brown

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Raising a Modern-day Knight

Raising a modern day
knight: By Robert Lewis True Manhood Lewis addresses in this book how, many adolescences and men are not experiencing an authentic manhood He points out three things contributing to this problem.

1. Fathers fail to deliver to their sons a clear, inspiring, biblically grounded definition of manhood.

2. Most fathers lack a directional process that calls their sons to embrace the manhood they should be able to define.

3. The absences of a ceremony.

To help out with these shortcomings he illustrates a model found in knighthood. -Today's male adolescence do not experience a definitive point in which they go from childhood to manhood. -Fathers need to give their sons three things shown in knighthood.
1. A vision for manhood
2. A code of conduct
3. A transcendent cause - Today's culture has skewed the typical young man's vision of a masculine identity.
- Three areas in which this skewed view can be made clear is through:
1. Community

2. Family

3. Church Two main Bible figures

Adam and Jesus Christ.
-They represent two paths of manhood.
>Life separated from God.
>Life in union with God.

Four defining characteristics of a true "Man"
-Rejects Passivity
-Accepts Responsibility
-Leads Courageously
-Expects the Greater Reward (God's Reward) Code of Conduct - A will to obey
(God's Will)
- A work to do
(according to his own unique design)
- A woman to love Keys to Effective Training 1. Set a godly example

2. Teach Spiritual Truth

3. Share Stories

4. Reinforces obedience through affirmation, attention, and discipline. A Transcendent Cause This cause must be truly heroic, timeless, and supremely meaningful. Without these a cause will not truly fulfill. The Ceremony

-The final stage

-The ceremony leaves a lasting impression on the young man.

-He is left with no doubt. Comparisons to Text

Ch. 8

Identity Diffusion- a lack of goals or clear direction, have difficulty making progress toward their future lives.

Identity Foreclosure- making commitments to adult roles without having considered other possible roles. Quotes

"A real man is one who: rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects the greater reward... God's reward."
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