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Blitzing the "Big Task" Part 1

No description

Martha Ludwig

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Blitzing the "Big Task" Part 1

Blitzing the "Big Task"
Part 1

Essential Questions
Action Words

a) Pick your subject area specialty and a topic
b)Brain storm what the essential pieces of information are
c) Decide on a "Big Idea" that you want the students through whatever assessment you choose to be able to address

- Wiggins and McTighe
- Three basic steps
- Example
- Bloom

1) Here are some samples of poor objectives.
• Students will learn about telling time..
• Students will understand about WWI and WWII.
2) Here are some examples of good objectives (observable and measurable with action verbs)
- Given a data set the student will be able to compute numbers on a balance sheet with 100% accuracy.
- Students will create, using correct capitalization and grammar, a time line of main events at Gettysburg utilizing a graphic organizer scoring a minimum of 9 of 11 on the rubric.
- Students will demonstrate the ability to use proper form for dribbling a basketball around cones in 3 out of 4 trials as observed and recorded on a checklist by the teacher.

Task - Rewrite the poorly written objectives below using Bloom's action words.
• Students will review the material on adjectives.
• Students will color in the human body.

- Where we are going from here
- Connecting objectives to assessments
- Observable and measurable
- Next session's pre-assignment
- Additional resources
- Common teacher mistakes
- Why is this a problem?
- Difficult challenge of teaching...


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