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Happy 24th Birthday Sir Cry

This is to celebrate the date of birth of Sir Cryaotic. Let the festivities begin!!!!!! Whoooooo! (I am sleep deprived, I apologize. t-.-)

Knight Of the Everlasting

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Happy 24th Birthday Sir Cry

Hey Kid
... Or you could say adult I guess.
Happy 24th Birthday Cry.
We, as fans, just want to wish you a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-tastic birthday. Have a good one.
-Kelly Cofer
-llama /blueboxoftime
Made By:
-Tyla Meadows
World of Teh-Nia
Knight Everlasting
Brenna Cornelison
This person was one of the first to submit something.
She did send her icon for this part first though.
Knight accidentally screwed up their names whilst citing their submissions.
Knight suffers from a condition called "stupidity".
No animals or people were harmed in the making of this birthday banner.
Actually, the person typing this right now is not really sure about that. She is kind of sleep deprived. Hopefully, they weren't hurt. I mean, getting hurt kinda sucks. It's like... "Ouch," or something along the lines of that. Yes.
Whelp, we hope you enjoyed this little birthday surprise thing that we conjured up.
There was actually a penalty that we set up for the occasion that someone spoils the surprise.
Doing the cinnamon challenge while singing "Happy Birthday" and twerking whilst recording it all to be put on the banner once it was time to give it to you.
Basically, it was this:
Obviously, no one did.
(Or 16th. Whatever age you turn into)
She drew you in between her breasts.
Enough said.
This is Sally's Land
This circle is
the smallest because it's the most insignificant one here.
This land is isolated from
the rest because the un-awesome inhabitant of this
area is Sally. <3
of the insignificant
She's the first to submit a selfie for the icon.
Give her a round of applause for that.
She's also the first to do a poem.
Alicia Meng
-Alicia Meng
Llama /Blueboxoftime Land
Kika is a male, and he probably does not look like this in real life.
He is left handed. You can never go wrong with left. He made a video, but I fucked up and it wouldn't work. He made another video. It's really good. It made me laugh. I am sleep deprived. Go to the next icon now.
-Jaci (A-Poets-Child)
This is Gonedreamer. Her icon is small, but super kawaii.
T'his chick, this one right here, drew Clem and Hewie.
She's awesome.
Marisa's picture has a transparent background.
So then that's pretty cool as the background is the sky and stuff.
This is MadCry
I didn't know what to put for this person's name, so here's a link:
Blue is a really pretty color.
Look at those eyes. I'm sleep deprived.
*** GaMzEe-LaNd! *** - The Land of Naked People
It had to be put here. I'm sorry Gamzee.
She's friggin' kawai.
Tapioca is a badass.
This is Tapioca.
This is Fox.
The Fox who drew this picture was never in the Hunger Games... Probably.
-Sara Note
Castle on a Cloud
Hellos Mr. Cry. How was your day? Good? Potassium. Yep. So have a good one. This project was successful if you've reached this one. You cannot say that you do not deserve this because that will be a load of manure. Keep doing what you do. Don't listen to others (unless you want to) and do it your way, not their way, unless their way is your way. I think I just made a run on sentence. Holy crap. I apologize if I did. I am running on low batteries, which is no bueno. Blame the Kewl Kats for this. Well, nevermind, it's not their fault. It's mainly my own. Anyways, before I get off topic again, you deserve this. This is your present from SOME of us. By some, that is totally implying that there are more of us. I just couldn't message everyone on le tumblr. That would call for a lot of work and hours spent on the computer, though I already spend a pretty good amount on it. This banner is for you. I did have to isolate the hentai pieces and put them in their own corners. It's not because they were poorly drawn, which they were not, but it was because there are children who may see it. Give or take.
Whelp, today is your day. Shine bright. Just keep doing what you do. Smiles are thrust upon our faces due to your videos. We can not help it, and neither can you. Happy Birthday man.
I didn't draw this. It's from Hetalia. I like anime, hence the nickname "Otaku".
I didn't make this cake. It came off of Google images. If I did make it, it would appear much worse and be barely edible. Probably.
-Knight of the Everlasting Otaku Kingdom
-Grecia Macías
-Lucy Snap
This thing is a Sally.
She is a horrible, bad purple person who makes children cry. She's also Princess Redrum and keeps calling me Taco even though my name is Otaku!!!!!!
And that is why she's isolated.

-Sparky P
- The Jumping Mushroom
Llama Mama is really cool.
Frenchie Llama.
The Jumping Mushroom.
This is the place for the great Brenna, who is the other admin to this banner. She is in Yellowstone at the moment I believe. . . She is really cool though, so yaes.
She is not the same Jacy that you made a video about a while ago. I swear in the name of the moon she isn't.
I would choose Dominique any day as a Pokemon.
Mudkips are kawaii and sugoi as fuck.
aka Otaku
I am a Ralt
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