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Animal Farm Timeline

No description

Jannet Barron

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Animal Farm Timeline

Napoleon Animal Farm: Timeline Chapter One Napoleon listens to Old Major as he speaks about rebelling against Farmer Jones. Chapter Two Napoleon along with Snowball and Squealer take charge of the farm after the death of Old Major.

The three hold late night meetings in the barn as they discuss 'Animalism' to the animals. After the rebellion takes place, the farm then belongs to he animals.

1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

3. No animal shall wear clothes.

4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.

5. No animal shall drink alcohol.

6. No animal shall kill any other animal.

7. All animals are equal. Later, the cows tell the pigs that they have not been milked and Napoleon, along with the other two, happily do so. They fill five buckets of milk and take it away. The animals ask what they will do with the milk but Napoleon tells them not to worry. The milk then "disappears". Chapter Three Napoleon and Snowball make it clear that they can't agree on a single thing.

Snowball believes that they need to focus on forming committees to better improve the farm. Napoleon believes that Snowball's idea is useless and they should focus more on educating the young. So, when two dogs have puppies, Napoleon takes them away to educate them properly on the principles of Animalism. Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! *Remember the disappearing milk? It turns out it was never really missing and it was stolen by the pigs for their own personal use. On top of that, the pigs now ask for fallen apples to be given to them for "brain power". Chapter Four Napoleon and Snowball send two birds to spread the word about their farm. Soon enough everyone around the county knows, including farmers and animals, and it results in a battle in which the animals are victorious. Chapter Five Snowball and Napoleon begin to clash more and more.

Snowball then proposes the idea of building a windmill and of course Napoleon frowns upon it. Chapter Six Napoleon tells the animals that they have to work on Sundays and if they choose not to, their food ration will be reduced. Wait a minute, wasn't commandment four "No animal shall sleep in a bed"? I guess that rule doesn't apply to them. In other news, a storm decides to destroy the windmill that the animals have been working all so hard on and Napoleon, being as awesome as he is, decides to blame it on Snowball. The animals are in complete shock and they now have to work on rebuilding the windmill ASAP. Chapter Seven The mayhem continues as Napoleon tells the animals that everything wrong with the farm is Snowball's fault. I'm guessing that the "no animal shall kill any other animal" rule does not apply to Napoleon anymore. Chapter Eight The animals continue to work like slaves and the windmill is finally complete. "No animal shall drink alcohol". Another rule now broken by Napoleon. Chapter Nine Once again, Napoleon orders construction for the windmill to begin immediately. Chapter Ten By now, many of the animals are dead. Napoleon assists in explaining the seven commandments of Animalism to the farm. They are as follow: Napoleon is able to get Snowball out of the farm

When all of the animals gather to vote whether or not the windmill should be built, it is clear that Snowball will win. Just then, Napoleon makes a sound and out come the nine puppies, now full grown and terrifying. They are able to chase poor Snowball away and he is never seen again. Napoleon tells the animals that the windmill will be built after all and that he only pretended to be against the idea because he wanted Snowball to leave. The animals begin to run out of supplies so Napoleon tells them that they will begin trading with other farms and that products from the farm will begin to be sold.

He arranges all of this disregarding the fact that he had previously stated that no animal should ever have anything to do with a human ever again. Aside from this, Napoleon and Squealer move into the farm house and the animals notice them sleeping on the beds. Napoleon and the pigs move into the farm house and the animals notice them sleeping on the beds. The dogs, as ordered by Napoleon, slaughter many animals due to the fact that they confess on breaking rules around the farm. Napoleon hears about a planned attack against Animal Farm as well as somebody plotting to murder him.

Three hens confess that Snowball told them to do so and he slaughters them as well. The attack happens, the windmill is completely destroyed leaving the animals angry.

They charge after the men and again, they win the battle. Napoleon (and other pigs) find whiskey inside the farm house and drink it. Napoleon takes a group of piglets away for education. Napoleon and the pigs begin to make their own beer. The hardest worker on the farm, Boxer, collapses.

He is taken away to the "hospital", but in reality he was sent to a horse slaughter house. Napoleon tells the animals that they will hold a memorial banquet for him but only the pigs may attend. The windmill which has brought so many problems to the farm is complete. Napoleon takes the sheep and they aren't seen for a whole week. Clover is heard neighing loudly.

The animals rush over, only to find Snowball walking on two feet. Just then, the sheep come out along side Napoleon, also walking on his hind legs, and they begin to sing " Four legs good, two legs better". The phrase was originally "Four legs good, two legs bad". Clover and Benjamin rush to get the seven commandments.

They discover that they are gone and in their place is "All animals are equal, but some more equal than others". Napoleon and all of the pigs begin to hangout with the farmers, wearing Farmer Jones' clothes, and they now carry around whips. Napoleon changes the name of Animal Farm back to Manor Farm. The pigs are seen playing cards with the humans and suddenly they hear a dispute between Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington. When the animals rush over to see what is happening, it is impossible to distinguish the pigs from the humans. Napoleon Animal Farm: Timeline By: Jannet Barron
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