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The Future of Education Technology

No description

Lorraine Nelson

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of The Future of Education Technology

Turn the page
To a future place and time
Classrooms without desks and walls...
will be the new way.
Classrooms without borders
So you will see!
A different type of learning platform will replace what used to be!
Opening up minds
that are ready to explore.

Will be key in this tug of war!
The Future of Educational Technology

Global education,
did I hear you say?
Either way, it is what will be!
I hope,
both may, but in different ways!
Some say yah!
Some say nay!

Both are needed, that is certainly clear.

Let us think about a
blended learning
delivery system....

Less fear!

Having the best of both worlds.

May be the best plan of the year!
Where active learning
classrooms collide!
Flipped Classrooms

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All images have been downloaded from
http:// commons. wikimedia.org/wiki an open network to allow for common usage without copyright issues.

The future is for all to see.


Open access to
any where learning
locally and globally!

Flipped classrooms, collaboration and clouds.

Will change how we learn
socially too!

will win,
you say!

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