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Employee Motivation in Attikos Helios SA – Grand Resort Lagonissi

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on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Employee Motivation in Attikos Helios SA – Grand Resort Lagonissi

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Let's see how contemporary research on Employee Motivation Strategies is applied in GRL!
About Grand Resort Lagonissi
I am Eva!
Practices at GRL
End of lease
I am Marios! Let me show you around
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Employee Motivation in Attikos Helios SA – Grand Resort Lagonissi
Employee Motivation in Attikos Helios SA – Grand Resort Lagonissi
GRL is one of the top resorts in Europe!

550 employees out of which 40 on top & middle management

Top and middle management employees work on a full time basis

The rest are employed for a period of 6 to 10 month due to the seasonal nature of the organization

GRL has one of the oldest, largest and most radical worker's union in Greece

Grand Resort Lagonissi
built & operated
by EOT
leased to
Attikos Helios SA
Motivation Practices at GRL
High salaries even during recession

Consistent with payments

Aligned with labour legislation

No insecurity regarding lay-offs

Continuous training
Key Incentives:
Tip Sharing

Free Transportation & Free meals

Private health insurance & presence of phycisian on the premises

Free housing to employees who reside over 40 km away from the hotel

Lottery with rich earnings and gifts every season

Free mobile phones, leased cars, and gas bills
Travel in international exhibitions & fora
Bonuses upon completion of goals
Flexible work shifts & schedule
For top management
I am Dimitris
How are the grand theories of Motivation applied in GRL?
And now for some theory...
How are the grand theories of Motivation applied in GRL?
Above average wage level exceeds employee’s satisfaction of physiological needs
How are the grand theories of Motivation applied in GRL?
Understanding your personnel needs for achieving your company goals
ideal material and immaterial rewarding
Social facilities taking care of every employee
Special treatment for executives
I am Sophia
and we will see why it is important
according to theory, for organizations
to have motivated empoyees!
Motivated Employees are good Employees!
Motivation is interwoven with increasing and positive results in an organization. Results that concern profit and growth (Coffman, 2000; Ellis & Sorensen, 2007)
Consistency in payments and non-firing culture succeed in covering need for a safe and secure working environment
Non firing working conditions strengthens trust and confidence between top management and lower employees and forms close and good relationships in all levels (NAFF)

Zero risk firing conditions perhaps undermines creative competition, self actualisation and (NACH)
• Multinational orientation of company and extended educational programs keep top management and new executives on a constant update and learning mood →the perception for the company’s development opportunities motivate people to improve their performance (expectancy)
• Increased power of labour force trade union enforces people’s perception in forming and controlling working conditions and others (NPOW)
• May cause serious implications(strikes,conflicts with top management,judicial complications)

• Advanced tip sharing model and day-to day incentives based on effort → high instrumentality and valence perception→outperform
A motivated employee according to Baumruk & Gorman (2006):
• shows active support of the organization and her colleagues & is attracting new customers
• is willing to stay at the organization and resisting attractive job offers from competition
•makes an extra effort and devotes more time in order to contribute to the success of the organization
The everlasting power of
: amount and time accuracy
Respect of working schedule inspiring trust
Job security still matters stability besides seasonality
Constant training for all staff levels an opportunity for development
Create a happy crew to have happy guests
The combination of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation
(Sullivan, 2009)
(Osterloh & Frey, 2000 ; Kehr, 2004)
McClelland's Three Needs Theory
attempts to explain how the needs for achievement, power, and affiliation affect the actions of people from a managerial context.
Behavior and decisions are based on what we expect the outcome to be
EXPECTANCY: employee's perception of the effort's role in improving performance
INSTRUMENTALITY: good performance ---> reward
VALENCE: the value of the reward in the eyes of the employee
we will also see how motivation practices in GRL can be improved according to latest research!
Job Design & Job Crafting
Recent research shows that employees can take action in the re-designing of particular aspects of their job (Tims & Backer, 2010; Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001).

This initiative is defined as “job-crafting” and in a nutshell it describes the resources and techniques that employees use in order to customize their jobs by transforming their tasks and interactions on purpose (Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001), either in their daily routine or in general.

Through “job-crafting”, employees customize parts of their jobs, to fit them to their personal knowledge, skills and abilities on the one hand and to their preferences and needs on the other hand.

Quantitative research shows that there is a positive correlation between employee engagement and motivation and job crafting. We therefore suggest that this is a practice that can be encouraged in GRL especially since in an industry like Tourism/Hotel busines not all employees are fortunate enough to have the necessary support and overview from their managers.
The future of motivation theories & What could be improved in GRL
Bibliography is generic, most of it does not refer to the Tourism business sector

Bibliography does not take under consideration the particularities of the Greek market (extreme taxation, everchanging legislation etc.)

Bibliography does not take under consideration the time of recession that Greece is going through
Limitations & Room for improvement
Thank you for Watching!
Marios Drakoulakos
Dimitris Sarris
Eva Vlachopoulou
Sophia Tzagaraki
Vroom's expectancy theory
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