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Success' and Failures of John F. Kennedy's Presedency

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Jacob Hasenyager

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Success' and Failures of John F. Kennedy's Presedency

Success' and Failures of John F. Kennedy's Presidency
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
By Jacob Hasenyager
Successes Of J.F.K's Presidency
Kennedy's successes greatly outnumbered his failures. Some of these successes include:
The New Frontier Program
He started helping with the civil rights of African Americans
Preventing the Russians from attacking America with the missiles in Cuba
He established the Peace Corps
He helped in the Nuclear Test Ban
He prohibited discrimination
Failures of J.F.K's Presidency
The failures of John F. Kennedy's Presidency were few in number, but there were some. These are:
The Bay of Pigs
Not being able to pass the Civil Rights Act
Not being able to get Welfare programs passed
Deeper involvement in the Vietnam War
The Assassination of J.F.K.
The assassination of J.F.K. happened 12:30 on November 22, 1963, forever ending the successes that could have been.
The End
The End
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