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Bluestar's Prophecy

No description

Angelina Nguyen

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Bluestar's Prophecy

Bluestar's Prophecy
By: Erin Hunter
All About Bluestar's Prophecy
Bluestar's Prophecy is one of Erin Hunter's books in the WARRIORS series. Every book in this series is about cats and Clans. Each cat has a name that honors their features. In this book, a cat named Bluefur has to try to reach her destiny and lead her Clan instead of having a blood thirsty cat named Thistleclaw lead her Clan. To learn more about this book, read the rest of this prezi.

Pages: 516
Genre: Fantasy
A Little More About Clans and Clan Cats
There are five different Clans, StarClan, which is like heaven, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and the main Clan in this story, ThunderClan. There are many cats in each Clan, and each one has a special rank. In each Clan there is one leader, one deputy, many warriors, some queens who are mothers to kits, and apprentices that train to be warriors.
A Summary
In this story, a cat named Bluefur has to reach her destiny that StarClan granted her. Her destiny is to lead ThunderClan one day instead of having a blood-thirsty cat named Thistleclaw take over leadership. If Thistleclaw takes over leadership, he will lead ThunderClan into a life with many battles and blood for no reason. If Bluestar takes over leadership, she will lead ThunderClan into a good life with battles only if the problem is necessary.
The big idea is....
Three Important Plots
The three most important plot events in the story are Bluefur completing her prophecy, Bluefur becoming deputy instead of Thistleclaw in order to be leader, and Bluefur becoming Bluestar, the new leader of ThunderClan.
The Problem
The problem in this story was that an evil and blood- thirsty cat named Thistleclaw wanted to take over leadership in ThunderClan. If he leads this Clan, the whole Clan will be in battles, blood, and death. The only cat that could stand in his way and could lead a Clan properly is Bluefur.
The Climax
The climax of Bluestar's Prophecy is that Bluefur has a prophecy to fulfill which is to take in deputyship and one day lead ThunderClan. She would be able to lead ThunderClan properly and give her Clan a good life.
The Solution
The problem about Thistleclaw leading ThunderClan was solved by a cat called Bluefur. She is the only cat that has the advantage to get into Thistleclaw's way and take over leadership. Her destiny is to lead ThunderClan one day and she is the properly chosen leader after the former leader, a cat named Sunstar. All leaders get blessed by StarClan at a place called the Moonstone in Highstones and they get the name 'star' after their name. All leaders get granted nine lives by StarClan. Bluefur became Blue
, the new leader of ThunderClan. Bluefur's path is to blaze like
, but Thistleclaw's path is to kill with
Agreed with the Solution, or Disagreed?
I do agree with how the problem was solved with Bluestar being the new leader of ThunderClan because she can lead her Clan more properly. Her prophecy says that her destiny is to lead ThunderClan, and no other cat has that prophecy to complete, not even Thistleclaw. In addition, Bluestar will lead her Clan the right way and not send everyone into battle almost everyday like how Thistleclaw would if he became leader.
The Cover of Bluestar's Prophecy
The Theme
The theme of this story is loyalty because Bluefur had to be loyal to her Clan even though she had sacrificed so many cats that she loved. Bluefur was still loyal to her Clan and she still served her Clan even though she lost her mother, Moonflower, her sister, Snowfur, and her kits, Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit.
The Lesson
I think the lesson that the author wants me to learn is that you still have to be loyal and serve other people even though you had to sacrifice many things and people you love. Just like Bluefur, she lost her mother and her sister and she had to sacrifice her kits and give them to their father in RiverClan, but she
served her Clan.
Changes of the Main Character
The main character, a cat named Bluefur changed throughout the story since she was a kit named Bluekit. Living with her mother, Moonflower, for six moons, she turned into an apprentice and began training to be a warrior. At that time she was called Bluepaw. Once she was a full warrior of ThunderClan, she was able to serve her Clan more now that she was a warrior named Bluefur. Then she took in deputyship, and then became the leader of her Clan, Bluestar.
Reason for Bluefur's Change
The reason for Bluefur's change is growth. She grew up to be a stronger and braver cat, able to serve her Clan in a better way. Even though she lost Moonflower (
her mother
), Snowfur (
her sister
), and had to sacrifice her three kits while she was growing up, she still served her Clan. Bluefur grew up more and began to learn the most important thing about loyalty to her Clan.
'Even though you lost and sacrificed so many cats you loved, you still follow the most important rule of the warrior code: ALWAYS BE LOYAL TO YOUR CLAN.'
There are THREE types of covers for Bluestar's Prophecy!
The Main Character Is...
Description of Bluefur: Physical Appearance
Bluefur is a gray she-cat with blue eyes and has a pelt with fur that is slightly blue but mostly gray, which gives Bluefur her name. When Bluefur was a kit, her pelt was very fluffy to keep her warm. Once she turned into an apprentice her pelt was a little fluffy and slightly sleek. When she was a full grown warrior, she had a very sleek pelt just like her Clanmates.
Description of Bluefur:
All About Her
Bluefur was called Bluekit when she was a little kit in the nursery. After six moons she turned into an apprentice and was called Blue
. One day she earned her warrior name and was welcomed as Blue
, a full warrior of ThunderClan. She took over deputyship after the former deputy, Tawnyspots, had died. When her leader, Sunstar, died, she became the leader of ThunderClan and was called Blue
Description of Bluefur:
Bluefur's family starts with her mother, Moonflower, who had a silver-gray pelt. Moonflower named her Bluekit and took care of her and her littermate or sister, Snowkit. Her sister, Snowkit was born with her. Their father was a warrior called Stormtail, who had a blue-gray pelt. After six moons Bluekit and Snowkit became apprentices together and were then called Bluepaw and Snowpaw. Moonflower died not long after her kits became apprentices in a battle. Bluepaw and Snowpaw also both became warriors at the same time and were called Bluefur and Snowfur in honor of their blue and snowy colored pelt.
Description of Bluefur:
Character Traits
Bluefur has many character traits. One character trait that Bluefur has is that she is
to take care of her Clan and never lose a cat that she loved. Another character trait that Bluefur has is that she is
because she has the courage to become the leader of ThunderClan even though she keeps losing cats that is her kin. Bluefur is mostly
because she is always loyal to her Clan at all times.
A Connection
A character I could make a connection to is Bluefur. She persevered on trying to save her Clan and on taking over deputyship to lead her Clan one day. Even though she had kits, she made a good choice and sacrificed them for RiverClan so she could save ThunderClan. I can make a text-to-self connection. Once I sacrificed my money to help save people in Africa who were poor, just like how Bluefur sacrificed her kits to save her Clan.
Another Connection
I can also connect to the warrior cats in the Clans. When warrior cats are in a battle, they pounce and claw each other up with their sharp claws. I can make a text-to-world connection. Once I saw two cats in my neighborhood standing in front of each other. All of a sudden, one cat pounced on the other cat and they started clawing each other, just like warrior cats in battle.
My Opinion About Bluestar's Prophecy
In my opinion, Bluestar's Prophcy is an
book to read. This story is a very exciting story and when I started reading it, I felt like I can't stop reading and I wanted to find out more about the story! If I could rate this book, I would give it a 5 if I had a choice of 1-5.
I would recommend this story to people that like adventure stories because this story is kind of like an exciting adventure, but a very
one. If you just freaked out because this exciting adventure story is so long, well when you read this story, it seems like a short but amazing adventure. I recommend this story to those of you who like

Points of
The Setting
This is a map of ALL the Clan's territories!!
Details About The Setting:
Time and Place
The place in this story is a big piece of land where ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan make their territories to live, hunt, and patrol their borders. ThunderClan territory takes place in the forest while RiverClan territory is on an island with a wide river around it. ShadowClan lives in the darkest part of the land in the shadows and WindClan lives in the moorland where the weather is always windy.
Details About The Setting:
Description Words
Some words that the author used to describe the setting in the forest are towering trunks, arching fronds of a fern, twisted hazel, and jutting rocks. Some words that the author used to describe the setting in the moorland are springy rough-coated peat, swaths of quivering heather, and jutting boulders. Words that are used to describe the river are muddy banks, sucking and churning water, and a torrent of white water.
The First Event
The first event for Bluefur to become the new leader of ThunderClan and stand in Thistleclaw's way is that she had to get used to serving her Clan. When Bluefur becomes leader, she has to serve her Clan in the highest way, leading them into battle at the right time, make a deputy if there isn't one, and sending patrols out to make sure the border of their territory is safe without any intruders.
The Second Event
The second event that Bluefur has to follow is that she has to sacrifice her kits because she had kits and her kits blocked her way to becoming leader. Her kits were not part of her prophecy and she wouldn't be able to become leader, so Thistleclaw would have the advantage to become leader if Bluefur didn't sacrifice her kits.
The Third Event
The third event that Bluefur had to follow to become leader is that she had to become deputy first. All leaders have to be a deputy before they become a leader. Bluefur has to become a deputy to get to know what it is like to address her Clanmates because when she is a leader, she would be addressing her Clan.
Congratulations for reading this ENTIRE prezi! Now you know A LOT more about Warrior books that Erin Hunter writes! If you read this prezi and you want to find out more about this story, you could borrow this book at the library and read the whole story.
'Have a nice adventure in the world of cats!'

What If Thistleclaw Became Leader?
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