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The Race for Empires

No description

Phil Ramos

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of The Race for Empires

The Race for Empires
Chapter 1, Lesson3

Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther posted the "95 Theses," or viewpoints, about the Catholic Church. Luther claimed the church was too wealthy and abused power.
His actions led to the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic Church needed to be reformed, and this idealism spread through Europe. Reformers became known as "Protestants" because they protested the Church's practices. They argued that the Bible said religion should be simple.
Printing Press helped spread the word . How do people spread ideas in today's society?
Conflict arose between Catholics and Protestants (Civil War)

King Henry VIII founded the Church of England, aka Anglican Church. By making himself the head of the church, He defied the authority of the pope and angered Catholics
Conflict between Spain and England
King Philip II used Spain's wealth to lead a war against the Protestants. Queen Elizabeth I from England used her "sea dogs," (sailors who raided Spanish treasure ships. Think government paid pirates). Sir Francis Drake was the most famous Sea Dog.
Philip of Spain was ANGRY! He began forming the Spanish Armada, a huge fleet of 130 ships, to invade England and overthrow Queen Elizabeth and the Anglican Church. However, the Spanish lost despite more firepower (unlike their success against the Inca and Mayan). To add insult to injury, Spain's economy was in trouble due to inflation (a rise in the price of goods caused by an increase in the amount of money in use).
The French\American Indian Relationship
Because of their close trading relationships, the French treated American Indians with more respect than most European settlers. Many French settlers leaned American Indian languages and adopted their ways of life.
The Dutch
Came to America in search of trade. Henry Hudson gave the Dutch claim and called it New Netherland. The Dutch West Indian Company sent 30 families to settle in New Netherland. To attract colonist, they practiced religious tolerance. New Sweden had land nearby, but New Netherland found them a threat because of fur trading compeition. Therefore, New Netherland conquered New Sweden after many battles.
English Settlement
England received a charter, or document giving them permission to start a colony. The English colonists found life hard. They fought with American Indians and had trouble finding and growing food. Sir Francis Drake offered to take the settlers back to England. John White settled the Roanoke colony, then returned to England. When he returned, the colony was deserted. No one knows why, but the name of a Native American group was carved in a nearby tree...
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