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Country project: North Korea

No description

Lindsay Hoffmeister

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Country project: North Korea

Korea, North
Current government:
Family dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Juche, Single-party state
Current leader:
Kim Jong-Un ; dictator
about 24.76 million (2012)

Country project: North Korea
By: Lindsay Hoffmeister

Current Leader
Kim Jong-Un
Major Events
Culture of North Korea
Famous People
History of North Korea
How Did North Korea come to Existence?
Works cited
Korean War







Japan, who controlled Korea during that time, was defeated in world war II.
Koreans above 38th parallel were supposed to surrender to Soviets.
Koreans south of 38th parallel were instructed to surrender to the U.S.
Various disagreements caused failure of reunification.1948= two individual countries established.
born in north Korea
as a child he was Buddhist and confucianist
later converted to Christianity
preached Christianity in an atheist school in north Korea.
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Kim Jong il
Born in 1941 while parents were in exile in a Soviet village.
Moved to Pyongyang when Japan surrendured.
Father took power of North Korea.
Eventually was officially named his father's successor.
1980 he was involved in two acts of terrorism
First was a bombing in Burma.
The second was a bombing of Korean Airlines.
wrote a book of his beliefs and was arrested the same year because of them
served 34 months in prison labor camp then moved to South Korea and founded a new religion that he was a messiah and a successor to Jesus.
believed he was the one to start and offspring of impure children.
married and eventually had 14 children.
Reverend Sun Myung Moon Cont.
became president after fathers death and
devoted most of resources to military
this caused money to be lost when a famine came and many people died due to lack of money and food
he was said to have very extravagant taste
criticism of he or his family could be punishible by imprisonment in concentration camps.
Kim Jung Il Cont.
The Korean peninsula is located west of Japan and east of China. The sea of Japan is located in between Japan and Korea.
Korea was always a unified country of its own first founded by the Dangun in 2333 B.C. until the Korean war in 1948 caused the two to split and become to separate countries.
Land above 38th parallel would become what today we know as North Korea.

Various disagreements in government ways and other reasons caused Korea to split and form two countries which have very different ways of running them.

South Korea= Republic of Korea
North Korea= Peoples Republic of Korea
1950, Troops from north invaded south
This started a civil war.
U.S. fought with SK and the Soviets fought with NK- play video 1:06-2:38
1953 - border- demilitarized zone (DMZ) still separates the two today.
born in 1983 to Kim Jong-Il (NK's leader at that time.) and Ko Yong Hi.
attended boarding school then went to Military school.
he came to power two days after his father died unexpectedly in 2011.
Kim Jong Un's life is very secretive and not much is known about him. It is suspected he might have had a child but it is not confirmed.
The next person in line for his title would be anyone of his choice but most likely one of his sons.

Fun Fact:

Kim Jong-Un is said to like basketball and admire Michael Jordan.
North Korea's official religion Is Juche, which used to just be an idea or law, but is now an official religion in North Korea and you must practice it or you will be executed.
Everyone must worship Kim Sung II (current leader's grandfather) as god, and Kim Jong II as the son of god. this religion is forced upon the North Koreans and disobeying in punishable by very cruel deaths.
The people must hang pictures of these men in their homes on the nicest wall in the house.
Having faith in God is highly illegal because Kim Sung II is the only "god". Though this rule applies, people still have underground meetings with other Christians to talk about their faith and practice it without getting caught.
Communism Comes to North Korea
Communism originally came to Korea during World War II when Korea was supposed to be temporarily divided. Instead, Kim Sung II organized a communist government.
Because of this, the two countries never reunited.
today, North Korea still remains communist and their laws are very strict and the people living there have little to no freedom. In the government of North Korea, the citizens have no freedom of speech, have to practice a certain religion, may not leave the country, and there many more detailed rules they must follow or the punishments are severe.
The national anthem of North Korea is a song that involves praising of the two past leaders and all the citizens must wear a badge representing them.
It is said that the children play the same games repeatedly for hours and are forced to sing a song "we are the happiest children in the world" when foreigners come, and the people ride up escalators over and over like their lives are staged.
The food they eat are very plain and you are very lucky if you get to have sugar, as it is considered a luxary
Question #1
What is the name the forced religion in North Korea?

A. Muslim

B. Christianity

C. Juche

D. Hinduism
Question #2
What is the capital of North Korea?

A.) Beijing

B.) Seoul

C.) Pyongyang

D.) Tallahassee
Question #3
What sport is North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said to like?

A.) lacrosse

B.) Football

C.) Tennis

D.) Basketball
Question #4
Which of these flags belongs to North Korea?



Question #5
Is North Korea located above or below the 38th parallel?
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