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Christmas in England

No description

Dagmara Kobylańska

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Christmas in England

Chocolate Christmas Puddings
are also sometimes used to decorate homes or other buildings.
Christmas in England
Christmas food
roast turkey
Children believe that
Father Christmas
Santa Claus
leaves presents in stockings or pillow-cases. These are normally hung up by the fire or by the children's beds on Christmas Eve. Children sometimes leave out
mince pies
and brandy for Father Christmas to eat and drink when he visits them. Now, some people say that a non-alcoholic drink should be left for Santa as he has to drive!

In the UK, the main Christmas Meal is usually eaten at lunchtime or early afternoon on Christmas Day. It was traditionally roast beef or goose, although it's common to have turkey now, roast vegetables and 'all the trimmings' which means stuffing and sometimes bacon and sausages.
How is Christmas celebrated in Britain?
How do the British prepare for Christmas?
During the weeks before Christmas Day, they send cards, watch nativity plays and go to carol services.
They put up Christmas decorations in their homes and churches.
Christmas is a truly magical season, bringing families and friends together to share the much loved customs and traditions which have been around for centuries. Most people are on holiday in the UK and stay at home with their family on Christmas day, the main day for Christmas celebrations in Britain.
Brussels Sprouts with bacon and chestnuts
Cranberry sauce
roast potatoes
Pigs in blankets
Christmas pudding
The Christmas pudding is a brown pudding with raisins, nuts and cherries. It is similar to fruitcake, except that pudding is steamed and fruitcake is baked.
Brandy is often poured over the pudding, which is then set a light as it is carried to the table.
Traditionally a silver coin (six pence) was hidden inside the Christmas Pudding. The silver coin brought good fortune to whomever was lucky enough to find it when the pudding was cut.
The lights are turned off so people can see the flames.
Christmas Crackers
A Christmas Cracker is a brightly coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends. A person pulls on each end of the cracker and when the cracker breaks, a small chemical strip goes “Pop” and the contents fall out.
A Christmas Cracker traditionally contains a paper crown, a small gift and a joke written on a slip of paper.
Christmas Eve
(December 24) is traditionally the day for decorating churches and homes.
Christmas Day
is the favourite day for children. They wake up very early in the morning to find their stockings have been filled by Father Christmas and excitedly unwrap the presents before going down to breakfast.
Many Christians will go to church to sing carols and to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. More people attend the church on this day than any other day of the year.
The whole family sit down for Christmas dinner at mid-day.
Boxing Day
is usually celebrated on the following day after Christmas Day, which is 26 December. Traditionally, Boxing Day is the day when families get together. It is a day of watching sports and playing board games with the family also visiting friends and exchanging gifts.
Why is 26 December called Boxing Day?
Traditionally, 26 December was the day to open the Christmas Box to share the contents with the poor.
The Christmas box was a wooden or clay container where people placed gifts.

Like Christmas Day, Boxing Day is a public holiday. This means it is typically a non working day in the whole of Britain. When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the following Monday is the public holiday.

In recent times, some shops have broken from tradition and started opening on Boxing Day to start the New Year sales. Hundreds of people now spend Boxing Day morning in queues outside shops, waiting to be the first to dive for the sales racks as the doors opened.
words you should know
Christmas Carols
Christmas decorations

the Nativity
Midnight Mass
candy cane
świąteczne dekoracje
Narodzenie Chrystusa
żłóbek, szopka
cukrowa laska
Most families have a Christmas Tree (or maybe even two!) in their house for Christmas. The decorating of the tree is usually a family occasion, with everyone helping. Christmas Trees were first popularised the UK by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. Prince Albert was German, and thought that it would be good to use one of his ways of celebrating Christmas in to England.
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