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Printmaking with Purpose: An Introduction to Collagraphs

Collagraph Making/High School

Virginia Henson

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Printmaking with Purpose: An Introduction to Collagraphs

Here are some examples: So what is a collagraph? After we make multiple prints......... ....which are called an EDITION, make sure to sign and number them! Printmaking with Purpose Introduction to Collagraphs A type of relief print in which a printing plate is made by gluing objects onto a flat surface. What are some ways we can achieve texture? Lets start thinking about our project! Artists who use animals as content.
Artists who offend animal rights activists.
YOU DECIDE! Yukinori Yanagi Damien Hurst Wim Delvoye Thomas Grunfeld Banksy What do you think about art and animals?

This is your opportunity to make art with animals!

Get inspiration from these artists.

Choose an animal. Pick a pattern to decorate your animal.

Pick a pattern to make your back ground.


WARNING: No animals will be harmed in the making of this art! .....then lets get started! First lets learn the process.... Teacher's Art Example
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