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Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Students need to know how they can manage their digital identities. How do we harness the power of social media?

Tanya Avrith

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Tanya Avrith
Harnessing the Power
of Social Media

How do you use social media?
Step 2
Do you use any of these tools?
Take ownership of your own identity
Do you use any of these tools to help you learn?
We are Hitting a Brick Wall
What are some of the challenges
we face with social media?
The Facts
The Facts
The Facts
How do we move forward?
1. It is illegal to distribute or have in your possession a naked photograph of a minor.
2. Whatever you post online is NEVER private
3. You have the power to stop the online negativity.
Do not be a bystander
Don't respond and give an audience to those being negative or nasty.
My Super Power is knowing
how to use social media to build my digital identity!
Do you own yours?
Social Media
Photo by: Dunechaser: Andrew Becraft
Licenced to share
Step 1:

Google Yourself.
What do you find about yourself?
Good things?
Bad things?
Begin to think differently about how you use the Web.
Use it to:
Build your digital resume
Create your own online portfolio
Begin your own blog
brand yourself
Contribute to Social Media
in a Positive Way
So how do you begin to make changes?
What is one thing you can do today...
To harness to power of social media?
Get ready to take control of your digital identity!
Follow me @edtechschools
Let's start an education revolution.
use social media to learn
Tanya Avrith
collaborate with the others from around the world
Think of ways you can affect change in the world
You are no longer limited to the four walls of your home or school.
sign up for google alerts
Ask Yourself:
1. Would my mother approve
Before you post...
2. Would it embarrass my grandma?
3. Could it hurt me from getting a job?
Be an
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