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Fiat 500 Marketing Plan Project

Selling the Fiat 500 to the North American Consumer

Alyssa Szilagyi

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Fiat 500 Marketing Plan Project

Marketing the Fiat 500 to the North American Consumer SWOT- Opportunities and Threats By Caroline, Alyssa, Jessie, Stephanie, Lisa and Catalina Opportunities: introducing other models of the Fiat. Marketing Plan Fiat 500 Marketing Plan Project Slogan: THE WORLD WAITS FOR FIAT Problem Statement: European designers did not profile their North American Consumer for sales opportunities to thrive in Canada and the USA and launched the wrong Fiat model in this area. Weaknesses Collision problems Size Gas efficiency Too "feminine" for male consumers Strengths Fuel efficiency vs other cars Parking Inexpensive Good for urban living Goals Double profits in one year Beat out subcompact car competition Niche Market: environmentally friendly who need a car but do not want to harm environment. Start selling the Fiat Freemont Urban and the Fiat Sedici Dynamic Threats: other subcompact cars Marketing and Advertising Roll-out Time The Superbowl Commercial Premier Magazine Ads in People, HELLO!, UsWeekly and TIME. SALES INCENTIVES. February March- May June- September Billboard and Bus Ads in Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Vancouver and Dallas. 0% down

Swap My Ride

Summer Savings Events

No Interest For First Six Months Leak Into Social Media November- January P.E.S.T ANALYSIS The North American International Auto Show -January POLITICAL Due to growth population in the following years. North America is becoming much more like Europe. That is why the government is trying to stop using gas emissions and create benefits for the population. by: Jessie L. Continuing of print, web and television ads. American Culture European Culture Opportunities Threats Economy Meet Fiona Ciao! WHO? Y- E- s- INGLE FEMALES WHAT? S- P- E- C- S- TYLISH ROMISING FFICIENT OST-EFFECTIVE PACIOUS WHEN? ARRIVING 2 13 WHERE? SAN FRANCISCO WHY? Public Transit Carpool Public Transit Bikeways F-
T- AST NVINCIBLE DAPTABLE RUSTWORTHY American Culture European Culture
More people in Europe care about the environment. High Gas Prices
Not a lot of people have to take care about the environment relatively cheap gas prices American Culture
Americans prefer everything to be

E.g: prefer a Ranger Rover than a Fiat 500 Longer distances European Culture

Europeans like small cars Short distances between cities. How will you overcome cultural differences and problems so that Fiat 500 is successful in USA? Technology Improve car technology:
the fiat offers the features everyone wishes to have Design:
A car for both genders. What social considerations or problems will Fiat 500 face in the United States? Americans worry about the risks of small cars in big infrastructures HOW? - Decentralized - Pull strategy CANADIAN CHANNELS Global
ABC S- E- OUNG ADULTS AGER Evaluation of Success Benefits:
-better for the environment because
they need less gas Safety:
-prove that is save
7 airbags, electronic stability control Smaller Roads and less space to park The Law to pay higher taxes if your car uses a lot of gas. Social Culture Fiat 500 Abarth Fiat 500c bigger SWOT: Strengths and weaknesses Strengths: environmentally friendly, cost efficient, customizable Weaknesses: traveling distance, space I love my Fiat! Trends & Opportunities As population grows, the cities would start to be more crowded. More people will prefer small cars than the cars we have today. As gas prices increase people want to save money and are considering to buy small cars. Due to Global Warming having longer summers makes people consider the benefit of having a Fiat 500c. Between growth and last stage of maturity
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