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No description

Marcella Caulfield

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Apostrophes

Any Questions? Apostrophes possession plural contractions singular noun, not ending in S singular noun, ending in S plural noun, ending in S plural noun, not ending in S add an 's girl = girl's manuscript
student=student's ideas Charles=Charles's book
hostess=hostess's book women=women's books
mice=mice's tails add an ' after the S girls=girls' manuscript
students=students' ideas Plurals needing an apostrophe:



words Mind your p's and q's.

Computers became more important in the 1990's.

her speech was full of um's and like's. Where a letter or number is dropped cannot=can't
will not=won't
they are=they're

the '90s
the '80s
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