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Flipped Classroom

No description

Joel Cohen

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom

Here are 3 things we know about education
All kids are different and learn differently.
Social interactions are essential to learning.
...Vygotsky wrote that every notion always appears twice during the cultural development of a child: first through social interactions and then individually.
One to one tutoring is a very efficient way to learn.
...Bloom's 2 sigma problem showed that students benefiting from 1:1 tutoring performed two standard deviations better than those who didn't.
Nevertheless, what we see in most schools is this:
The simultaneous method...and its frontal pedagogy...
Since this model doesn't address the 3 things we know about education, we have to use ...
Reinforcement pedagogy
Providing instruction in a variety of ways to meet the needs of a variety of learners.
End of the one size fits all lecture.
Shift from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side.
Collaborative learning Student-teacher interactions
why isn't it happening?
Content heavy programs.
Classrooms under control.
This is the way teachers were taught.
Difficult to put in place.
So, what's new today?
Knowledge is available and accessible
everywhere, with or without the teacher.
The ever improving technology is creating new innovative learning opportunities.
Society values individuality more today than it ever did before.
"the promise of blended learning"
The idea being to blend meaningful classroom time with moments where the students are learning at their own pace using online resources, software programs and podcasts
Online diagnosis tools
The Flip
Teachers prepare short videos in which they explain key concepts or methods to their students.
They assign these videos as homework.
What used to be traditional homework (application exercises,practice problems...) are done in class.
Students decide when they want to watch the video, they study at their own pace, can stop, rewind, fast forward...they are controlling the teacher...
This frees the teacher for interactions with students and differentiated pedagogy.
My cousins prefer me on Youtube!...Salman Kahn

1.The flipped model does make the classroom experience more engaging with increased interactions between students and with the teacher. All teachers reported that students actually work during class-time when the flip is applied.

2.The digitalization of the teacher and his presence in the student’s online world creates a connection with students.
3.The main concern expressed by teachers is the autonomy required from students to study the videos at home, which can be challenging.
FIRST Conclusions
Joel Cohen, Principal
Fasten your seat belt, turn off all your electronic devices, sit back and enjoy the flight.
THE Flipped classroom
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