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Money Matters: Integers

No description

Alisha g

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Money Matters: Integers

Money Matters: Integers
Spending Patterns
After watching my spending, I found out that out that I spend way too much money on food. This all fit in my budget though so that is alright.
All my planning of how would spend my money worked out because the random file helped out with all payments.
My Activities:
Lunch snacks and food.
Watch hockey games.
Went to dentist.
Bought pet fish.
Went swimming.
Went to the mall.
Bought candy.
Chance Cards:
1. Money for Halloween.

2. Buy 4 bags of candy for 4 dollars.

3. Parents pay my phone bill for acing my math exam.
by: Alisha Goosney
My Job and :
My job is working at Jomaa's pizza place for ten dollars per hour. Twelve dollars on over time. I work about 6-7 hours per week.

by: Alisha Goosney
Thank you, for watching.
Our Assignment
Our assignment was to:
Have a job/ income for a month.
Do activties to spend our money.
Pay a realistic phone bill.
Accuratley add up and take away with intergers.
Stay in positives for the end of the month.
Towards bills
about $10-20
Fun/ Activties
about $20-30
Chance Cards
about $2-10
For any leftover and if money is too low for anyother collums.
{ Basics }
Phone Bill:
My phone is $48 plus $0.5 per photo sent.
by: Alisha G.
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