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Software Engineering

No description

Mishal Alkhaldi

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Software Engineering

Thank you
Software Engineering
1- the quality of professors are higher.
2- professors are helpful.
3- Easy to get the accepting latter.
1- Enough laps to work without partner.
2- They update the laps every month.
3- We can use the laps in out of the class.
Advanced Technology

LUTZ, MICHAEL J., J. FERNANDO NAVEDA, and JAMES R. VALLINO. "Undergraduate Software Engineering." Communications Of The ACM 57.8 (2014): 52-58. Business Source Complete. Web. 11 May 2015.
Work cited
Software Engineering
Saudi Arabia students
The Saudi students should study Software Engineering in the USA because of the easier and advanced technology.
Thesis Statement
1- Cannot go far away from their family.

2- The hours are less in KSA.
Personal interest in this topic
There are many Saudi student study Soft ware in KSA
The Saudi student should study Soft ware Engineering in U.S because easier and sophisticated technology, and I describe my opinion about this topic.
Final thought
I think study inU.S is better because you have to learn English, and all the companies in KSA need who speak English.
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