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Monday, May 19th 2014

Beginning piano, sight reading, recording, performing, deriving meaning from music.

Colby Hawkins

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Monday, May 19th 2014

Beginning Piano/Sing/Record/Listening Skills
Bell Ringer - Class Unity
Instructions: Please take 3-5 minutes to write a journal entry about your hobby(ies). Be as specific and descriptive as you can-this entry will be a tool for you as you will then each share with the class a bit about your hobbies/interests.
1.3 Sight-read music accurately and expressively.
Derive Meaning
Make a new recording to add to your class album.
Reinforce Learning at Home
2.2 Sing music written in three or four parts
CA State Standards for High School Choir
2.4 Perform on an instrument a repertoire of instrumental literature representing various genres
Here's a 1 min video clip of one of
my newest hobbies.
Creative Expression
A pic from my WCW days
"Noteworks" 10-15 min
Become familiar with
reading music notes on the staff and playing the keyboard below.
CA State Standards for High School Choir
Artistic Perception
Sight read
: "Enchantment Passing
Through" from the musical, "Aida."
5-7 minutes
CA State Standards for High School Choir
4.4 Describe the means used to create images or evoke feelings and emotions in musical works from various cultures.
CA State Standards for High School Choir
Instructions: Listen to this 2 min audio clip and write a journal entry as if you were dreaming, and this music was the soundtrack to your dream. What are you doing in your dream? What do you feel, smell, taste?
4.1 Develop specific criteria for making informed critical evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of performances, compositions, arrangements, and improvisations and apply those criteria in personal participation in music.
Please label each piano key (white and black) with it's
correct pitch (i.e. C, C#/Db, D, etc.)
Due tomorrow, Tues
May 20th.
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