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etextbooks for elearning

No description

Alison Pepper

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of etextbooks for elearning

eLearning with eTextbooks
The concept
Barriers to adoption - The ANZ Context
eText wishlist
device agnostic
in standardised format eg. ePUB
web and/or cloud based and downloadable
local titles (ANZ context | case studies etc)
a learning experience
A Smartbook - a dynamic communication device
Tech as driver
Social learning (user community)

Remember textbooks?
The Players
McGraw Hill
Nature Publishing

The apps, or delivery systems
an entirely
new canvass
The HESA Act 2003 states that students must be given the choice of being able to complete their course of study without being charged fees that are additional to student contribution amounts or tuition fees

a textbook can be required for a unit of study provided :
it is also readily available free of charge eg. through the university library
Increasingly born digital, etextbooks are interactive, including features such as quizzes, lecture slides and social media
The notion of prescribed texts


less prescribed
$m Issue/Question
How can libraries get on board?
Licensing and pricing models
What is the cost of a book?
B2C mainly - Amazon, Coursesmart, Kno, Inkling
Hybrid = print with access key
Digital only = access key purchased from campus bookshop
Just in time access
- individual user, multiple devices, sharing of content (Chrome & Safari only)
Principles of Biology - $49 for lifetime access to a regularly updated textbook
Print textbook sales dropping, publishers need to protect revenue

Increasingly difficult to attract academics to author textbooks

Within 7 years digital dominant format (Reynolds, 2011 in Hallam, G, 2012 Briefing paper on etextbooks and third party elearning products)

Restricted selection of texts and platforms available in Australia
market leaders for e
business & law etexts emerging
Continue trials / pilots
Continue conversations and partner in development
Work to bring stakeholders together:
LMS support | ITS | T&L Committees | policy makers | Bookshop | Library
a book used in the study of a subject:
one containing a presentation of the principles of a subject
(based on UoQ definition 2012)
(role of page no.s even debatable!)
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