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The Eureka Stockade

An informative piece on The Eureka Stockade

Aaron Heydon

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of The Eureka Stockade

How Did The Rebellion Change This Nation?
The Eureka Stockade was a huge factor in making Australia the country it is today.
How The Rebellion Was Triggered
Many diggers were enraged at the outrageous tax system for the gold diggers. These taxes came in the form of licenses.
When Did It Occur?
The rebellion occurred in 1854. This was a time when the Gold Rush was in full force. The Gold Rush was a huge factor in the Eureka Stockade.
What Happened
On the 11th of November, 10,000 diggers met to demand the release of the three diggers, the abolition of the licence and the vote for all males. The outcome of this meeting was the forming of the Ballarat Reform League under the chairmanship of Chartist John Basson Humffray. Numerous other Reform League leaders, including Thomas Kennedy and Henry Holyoake, had been involved with the Chartist movement in England. Many of the miners had previously been involved in the Chartist movement and the social upheavals in England, Ireland and Europe during the 1840s.
A Brief Conclusion
The Eureka Stockade played a huge role in forging Australia into the country it is now.

This event has changed how the government operates forever. People now have a say in who leads them. This allows freedom to the citizens of Australia.
As previously mentioned, the Eureka Rebellion is sometimes referred to as the birthplace of democracy in Australia.
A Brief Overview
The Eureka Stockade has been referred to as "the birth of democracy in Australia"
How The Gold Rush Was Sparked
In 1851, Edward Hargraves discovered a speck of gold in a waterhole not far off Bathurst.
The Original Eureka Flag
The Battle
The stockade itself was nothing more than an enclosure to keep the diggers together and was never erected with an eye to military defence. This was truthful, as it was Peter Lalor, the democratically elected leader of the rebels himself, who said this. The fight lasted a mere 20 minutes. The diggers found themselves severely out numbered and they had little to no chance.
The Night They Stormed Eureka- Jackie French
Eureka Stockade- Marion Littlejohn
Thank You :)
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