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Rubber Band Car Process

By: Rachel Dunbar & Sydney Williams

Rachel Dunbar

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Rubber Band Car Process

Designed By: Rachel Dunbar & Sydney Williams The Process of the Rubber Band Car Scientific Process (Step by step)
Step 1
Problem Problem/Objective- To design a wheel driven vehicle that is powered only by one rubber band. The vehicle must be able to transport a one-pound load the farthest distance within the boundaries of a 3 ft. wide parallel track. Step 2
Hypothesis Step 3
Experiment Step 4
Results Step 5
Analysis Our final product was a rubber band car powered through a rubber band being pulled and wrapped around an axle. This video shows us testing the car with and without the pound load. Hypothesis- If we attach the rubber band underneath the car with hooks and pull back then the rubber band will rap around an axle and when released create energy to move the car forward. Experiment-
1. Put Arm and Hammer 1 pound box on car.
2. Start car at start line ( wind back car and hold on until 'go')
3. Watch car go down track until it stops, record distance x3, stay in 3ft. track. Engineering Process Requirements Only official rubber band (provided by teacher)
Guard rails to hold the "load"
Three runs
Self starting
Propulsion through the wheels Research Our desired outcome is for the car to carry the one pound load the farthest distance. I do believe this is a feasible experiment. Our plan for the car to 'push forward' is to design a wind up car. The problem we faced was being able to have a car move forward with only one rubber band. Our solution is explained throughout the prezi; blue print, video, description of car.. Design Pictures: Implement or Redesign Check one of the following: Implement

Redesign Sketch As you pull back the car the rubber band will rap around the axle. When released it will push the car forward Beginning Revised .... 4 to 5 feet with the pound (accidentally stopped video before I meant to)
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