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Renee Schley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of JOHN VON NEUMANN

Birth and death date
Born in Budapest,Hungary: December 28, 1903

Died in Washington D.C,US: February 8, 1957
Early Life
- His original name is janos neumann
- The nature of the numbersand the mathematical logic induced interested in him at a early age.
- He was a child prodigy,exhibiting great analytic and computing skills
- He was able to divide eight digit numbers in mind in a very early age.
- He was also interested in history,he went through fourty four volumes of universal history at an early age of eight.
-In 1914,at the age of ten he joinedthe luthern gymnasium,one among the three best organization in Budapest.
-He published his first paper in the journal of the german mathematical society in 1922,which dealt with the zeros of certain minimal polynomials
-Learned languages and math from tutors and went to Luthern gymnasium.
-At age 15 he began studying advance calculus.
- Von neumann recieved his Ph.D in mathematics from the university of Budapest at the age 23.
- He simultaneously learned chemistry in Switzerland.
-He went to ETH zurich and Eotvos lorand university.

mathematical contributions
-The minimax theorem.
- Neumann created the field of cellular automata without the aid of computers,constructing the first self-replicating automata with pencil an graph paper.
- Neumann wrote his book called "The computer and the brain",in which discusses how the brain can be viewed as a computing machine.
- He published the definition of ordinal numbers.
-The thinker of modern computers.[Thats how the computers are how it is today.]
-The use of memory in digital computers to store both sequences of instructions and data was a break through to von neumanns major contributions.
-Neumann was an important figure in computer science.His idea of computers made it simpler and fixed structure. Thats how the computers are how they are now.
-He was also an important person for the atomic bomb.He tackled the immense calculations required for construction of an atomic bomb.
-He helped in many ways for math to be how it is now.
Thank you!
Marital and family status
Neumann was from a wealthy jewish family.
Mother- Margit kahn
Father- miksa neumann.
First spouse- Mariette Kovesi
Second spouse- Klara dan von neumann.
John von neumann was a mathematician and a physicist.
Three historic world events that occurred during his life
-World war one. Neumann was 11 years old.
-Holocaust. Neumann was 30 years old.
-World war two. Neumann was 36 years old.

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By: Moon
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