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Prezi Tutorial

No description

Briana Brownlow

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Tutorial

Welcome to the world of Prezi:
An easy to use alternative to PowerPoint
A creative new way to present...
So, let's get started
Prezi takes the power of a presentation to a new level
To begin:
Prezi is simply a blank canvas.
Step 1: Choose a Template that best fits your presentation idea/format
Start with a blank canvas and create your own template using the basic components of Prezi
* A Prezi can be described as an interactive flow chart *
What are the Basic Components of Prezi?
Next, choose a Theme: This includes background color, font color, shapes and frames colors, etc.
You can create your own theme using "Theme Wizard" OR, if using a template, you can use the "Original Theme" for that template OR you can choose one of the theme options available (i.e Executive, Midnight, Industrial, etc.)
To the next level...
Step 2: Now you can begin inserting items (i.e. text) on your canvas
Inserts include:
Text, Images, YouTube Videos, PowerPoint Slides, Objects (Organization Charts), and Files
You can directly search images from Google on Prezi and download them OR use saved images
Objects Include:
The zebra allows you to move, scale, and rotate any content you select.
* The frame around this word is a "hidden frame" *
* You can use size and rotation to convey meaning and for a more creative presentation. *
You can convert your PowerPoints into Prezis by inserting one or all of the slides
The Zebra
Now, to make it connect...
So, you've finished your Prezi; what next?
Step 3: Making a Path
In a PowerPoint each slide proceeds the next. In a Prezi you create the order.
You click on each item by the order you want it to appear
Using the sidebar that displays the path order you can change the order, delete, and add.
Step 4: Sharing your Prezi

Once you've made your path your Prezi is complete.
Prezi is a web-based program. So, when you create your account you choose a privacy setting.
Prezi offers a group license for corporations, which also comes with a custom template that incorporates your logo, fonts, colors, etc. to fit your identity
What can I do with a Group license?

A Group license helps you manage multiple Prezi licenses in your organization by providing a license administration page. On this page, you can assign licenses to individuals by adding them to your group, and withdraw licenses by removing them from your group. After withdraw you can reuse the license and add it to another user. This allows you to oversee who is using the Prezi licenses your organization bought.
Prezis also can be worked on together: Its called Prezi Meeting

Prezi Meeting is included with all Prezi licenses. It allows you to edit, create, and show prezis with others in real time.
To start using Prezi just go to www.prezi.com

There you will find pricing information, license options, and other resources.
* A Prezi app is also available on iPad *
* With a Pro license, Prezi can be used offline. *
In the left corner is the tab with all the options necessary to make a Prezi
If you are ready to open up a world of innovative & creative ways to present (for any and all purposes) that captures and engages the audience. Start using Prezi.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask
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