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Elaine Nolasco

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Gerund

is the present participle of a verb
(the -ing form) used as a noun.
Bowling is a very old sport.
Gardening is a satisfying hobby.
Collecting baseball cards can be a lucrative past time.
as subject
Reading is my

favorite activity.
as direct
I enjoy reading.
as object
Today is a good
day for reading.
To determine whether a word ending in –ing is a verb,
participle, or gerund, you must see how the word is used
in the sentence.
First find the simple subject and the simple predicate.
They will help you know whether a word is a gerund.

1. Sketching is fun for me.
2. Maria exercises everyday by swimming.
3. Her other leisure activity is painting.
4. She and I are singing in the chorus tonight.
5. Of all my interests, I care most about reading.
6. Traveling comes second or third on my list of favorites.
7. What is the most interesting hobby for you?
8. A hobby can be anything from fishing to painting.
9. Few things are better for relaxing than a satisfying hobby.
10. Some people enjoy gardening whereas others prefer reading.

Uses of Gerund
Let's Try!
Find each gerund in these sentences. Is it used as a subject, direct object, or an object of a preposition?
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