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Nic MacDonald

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Reil

Louis Riel The Story Of... Of the Métis Early Life By: Nicholas MacDonald Riel started his education at a church where he was
noticed by a bishop who pushed for him to become
a priest Riel was very smart and with the help of the bishop, he got into college The Red River However, he soon decided to quit college and move into law To counter settlers taking Métis land, Riel and other Métis
created the Métis National Committee. They said that if Canada tried to take their land without negotiating, they would rebel Even having said this, Canada sent McDougall to govern the land. When McDougall tried to enter, he was turned back into the U.S. by the Métis On the same day, a group of Métis led by Riel captured Fort Garry John Schultz and others were plotting against the Métis, but Riel ordered a group of Métis to surround his house. Outnumbered, Schultz surrendered and was captured When Thomas Scott was captured, along with 48 other men, he openly stated his hate for the Métis and even made threats to Riel. Riel decided to execute Thomas for his safety This was one of Riel's most controversial actions. However he felt that it was nesscessary for the Métis to be taken seriously Soon after, militia was sent to the Red River on an "errand of peace" When Riel learned of their intentions, he fled to the U.S. When Riel eventually returned the Canada, he was tried for treason and hanged. 50 years after the trial, one of the jurors stated that Riel was tried for treason, but hanged for Thomas Scott's execution HERO
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