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Ethics Minor AO

No description

Bart Wernaart

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Ethics Minor AO

Cathegoric Imperative
The values property and profit contradict the values health, social security, well being. While for the latter, property and profit is a necessity (Wernaart, 2014).
Immanuel Kant vs. HRM management
Right to privacy

- Gender
- Race
- Sexual preference
- Disabilities
-Political preferences
-Internet behaviour?
Mr. Dr. B.F.W. Wernaart
Vol 7.
Historic context
Responsibility towards employees
Labout unions/ works council
Right to participation and association
Industrial revolution
-Representation in company decisions? (shareholder vs stakeholder approach)
-Collective bargaining...
Ethics Minor AO
Political participation
Labour unions
Rights and freedoms

Specialized treaties
-ILO conventions; CEDAW; ICRC; CPD;
Regional treaties
Values of shareholders vs values of employees
(But how do you settle this?)
In society and in a working environment
Right to due process
Right to healthy and safe working conditions
Fair wages
Freedom of speech/conscience
Right to work?
Employees Duties
Not so often referred to
Comply with contract
Comply with the law
Respect employers property
Thank you!
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