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Copy of Amazon - a tail of too much click stream

Breakdown of Amazon's paid search process

Catherine Johnson

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Amazon - a tail of too much click stream

Created by:
Cathy Johnson Amazon "Panasonic 50 inch HDTV" What are we looking for? Where is Amazon? The Results Oh there you are! Search again... Is this even good? OMG I almost missed it, position 34782942 Let's break this down... Ad Copy - User Reviews
My expectations - I will see a 50 inch Panasonic HDTV with 2,127 seller reviews.
Ad Copy - Qualified orders over $25 ship free
My expectations - I expect a TV is over $25 and should receive free shipping or an explanation for not qualifying. Reviews (24)
I couldn't find the TV with 2,127 reviews, maybe they did something sneaky and added all the reviews for 50 inch TVs in this search together?
Reviews aren't for the TV they are for Amazon.
Free Shipping (Eligible)
The TV I want qualifies for free shipping!
I'M READY TO BUY! ? ? No turning back now! Or can I?? Purchase Path Free Shipping...as promised in the Ad Copy = You name it Amazon takes it! Begin the countdown to a Real Housewives Marathon! Amazon's price is lower than the manufacturer's so we win! Blah, Blah, Blah Search Results Landing Page Show us what you got Isn't she pretty! But wait, how much will this cost me? Search Engine Experience Observation Recommendation Poor placement-Amazon's paid ad was below the fold... someone is getting in trouble!
Poor Ad Copy- In comparison to ads in top position the Amazon did not stand out Bid up!- Currently Amazon holds top 2 positions for Organic Search. Why not bid up and see what happens if they hold top Paid and Organic spots Optimize Ad Copy- Evaluate current set of keywords, use Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Sitelinks, Feature current promotions Observations Landing Page User Experience Recommendation Advertised a Digital SLR camera at the top of the page.
Results returned included ALL brands of TV's. As well as accessories.
We see "Seller reviews" , but no nearly the number in the Ad Copy.
Product information: Many products didn't display price, but lots of opportunity to click into a specific product to gather more information. (come on into the funnel!!)
Had to select a "department" to enable sorting. (only electronics was available as a department option) Ability to filter by brand, condition, price, shipping, etc. Filtered Search Land customer on page that has filter & sort options.
Only advertise products that are relevant to search. Observations Funnel Experience Seamless process in 5 steps
1-click ordering offered by simply logging in
Free Shipping communicated throughout
Financing options presented (distractions to buyer??)
Amazon Prime offer-enable or hinder experience??
"Next step" buttons are consistently colored the same Recommendations Allow at some point to cancel the offer. Discovery-Loop Can i have it tomorrow? Come back and buy me!! Compulsion Loop Social Loop Data Loop
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