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Analysis of Ads- Logos, Ethos and Pathos

Choosing 5 examples of ads/commercials and analyzing how they use Logos, Ethos and Pathos in their arguement to pursue there purpose.

Taylor Becerra

on 25 February 2011

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Transcript of Analysis of Ads- Logos, Ethos and Pathos

Analysis of Ads
Arguements Logos Ethos Pathos Logos Ethos Pathos Logos Ethos Pathos Purpose Speaker Audience Purpose Logos Speaker Ethos Audience Pathos Purpose Speaker Audience Purpose Logos Speaker Ethos Pathos Audience Purpose Speaker Audience Claim Claim Claim Claim The Purpose of this ad on the front the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is trying to show that it is the funniest/greatest game of the year. The facts that are shown on this video game that this game is the greatest game of the year is one the great big title at the top of the page (about 1/8 of the whole cover), and the Activision logo down at the bottom of the game to show that this game was created by a great game designer. The speakers of the game of the year title at the top (the Academy of Interactive Arts and Scienes) along with the speaker of Activision who had won 12 awards for thir video games at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciens in the year this game was made. The credibility that first Activision has as a game designing company is the fact that they have been around for years and have been producing top quality, chart breaking games for the majority of their time as a company. So for a game to have their logo on it means that there is probably going to be a great game behind the name. Secondly the "Game of the Year" award is only awarded to games who are prestigous enough to top every other game in multiple categories that the games are being ranked on, and Call of Duty 4 was nominated for: Overall Game of the Year, Console Game of the Year, Computer Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Animation, Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design, Outstanding Achievement in Online Gameplay, Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design and Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering... Quite an impressive judging on the game if you ask me... This cover of the game is focused on teenagers who's parents will let them play a rated mature game or young adult above the age of 18. It is also focused on the avid game palyer who wishes for only the best games. This cover of the game is supposed to make you feel like you are being left out in the cold for not having a game as awesome as this game which is labeled as "Game of the Year". It is trying to make you feel envious of the people that do have it and want one for yourself. This game is trying to make you feel as if you should buy this game because it was rated as the best "Game of the Year" by the universally video game analyzers and was created by one of the best video game designers in the market making you feel envious of the people that have it and that you need it also The purpose of this commercial is to make you laugh about this commercial and spread the word about Doritos by telling your friends about how funny this commercial is. There isnt very much if any logos in this commercial but I can see a funny logos to how Doritos can bring things back to life. Not a true form of logos but almost logos The speaker of this commercial is Doritos which is a very respectable company becoming a brand of chips in 1966; a very respectable length of time for a business. This is trying to make you think that because this company has been around for so long that they are trying to make you think that this company has to have a tasty chip or else it wouldnt still be around as a product. The audience this commercial is trying to reach is the people in this world that think that Doritos are a horrible food. It's trying to say that how can this chips be bad when they have the magical ability to bring things back to life? This commercial is trying to make you feel that this commercial is funny so that you will go around talking to people about this being your favorite ad on the Super Bowl so that the Doritos name gets out there even more than just that one airing of the commercial Claim This commercial is claiming that Doritos are magical enough to be able to bring things back to life. To make people feel that technology is updating faster and faster and that you should shop at Best Buy because they offer a return policy for updation. They show the exchanging of Iphones 3 times over the course of one pretend shooting of a commercial to show how fast technology is progressing. They have multiple speakers present one being Justin Beiber one being Ozzy Osbourne and the other being Best Buy itself. Justin Beiber and Ozzy Osbourne are famous singers so they carrry wight within our society and are endorsing Best Buy when they appear in there commercials. The audience for this commercial are people who are sick and tired of technology updates. This commercial is supposed to make you feel comforted by the fact that if you buy something from Best Buy you will be covered for future updates in technology This commercial is trying to make you feel comforted by the fact that Best buy is giving you free technology updates and two well known celebrities are endorcing it. To show that VW makes a car that is family friendly and that the whole family will enjoy The speaker is VW. The part where it shows the price for the car and it proves that it is family friendly when the Dad turns the car on to make the kid feel as if he used the force. Volkswagen is a great car manufactor that has created many afforadable and great quality cars This commercial is directed towards the audience that thinks that VW is a car that is not made for the whole family to enjoy. This commercial is supposed to make you feel empathy and love towards the kid for being so childishly innocent and the Dad helping him with those dreams witht the help of Volkswagen. This commercial is claiming that with the help of Volkswagen you will be able to help your child accomplish his wildest fantasies. To convince the viewer that cigarettes aren't bad for you. The speaker is Babe Ruth and the company Raleigh that sells cigarettes. This ad is aimed towards the people that believe that cigarettes are bad for your health. They have the testimonies of doctors and Babe Ruth the famous and beloved baseball player saying that Raleigh is not as bad for you as other cigarrettes. Babe Ruth was a beloved baseball player of the time and pretty much everybody believed what he said because he was so beloved. This ad is trying to make you feel ridiculous for thinking that ciggarrettes are bad for your health because both doctors and Babe Ruth say that it is not bad for you. This ad is claiming that because Babe Ruth and doctors say it is alright to smoke this brand of cigarrettes then it will be okay for you to smoke this cigarrettes. By
Taylor Becerra
Mrs. McMurtry
3rd Period
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