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The Land of Stories

No description

Sydney Brown

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Land of Stories

So in the first book of the Land Of Stories, Alex and Conner Bailey, get this mysterious book for there birthday. It has all of the fairy tale books that you could think of. When all of a sudden, the book starts glowing. And Alex starts dropping her things in the book and they dissapear. And then the siblings jump in the book and go to a place called the land of stories. Together they have to find items to go back home. And that is called the wishing spell. Find out what happens to Alex and Conner if they go home or if they stay...Rea the 1st book called The wishing spell....
Book 1: The Wishing Spell
The Land of Stories
By Chris Colfer

a Picture of the map that they used to collect items for the wishing spell
You can find this book at barns and nobles book store!!!!!!
The main charectors in the book are Alex and Conner Bailey
Land of stories Book 2:
The Enchantress returns
The main charectors in the second book of the land of stories is Alex and Conner Bailey
In the Enchantress Returns, Alex and Conner Bailey return to the fairy tale world, but before they go, their mom gets kidnapped by Ezmia, an evil stepmother. Alex and Conner went to the fairy tale world to find their mother. Their mom's "Boyfriend" named Bob goes with ALex and Conner. Then Rumpelstiltskin comes along. He helped Ezmia kidnapp Alex and Conner's mom. Will Conner, Alex and Bob be able to save the twins' mother from Ezmia?
You can find this book AGAIN at the Barns and Nobles book store
By Abby Helm and Sydney Brown
There will be a third Land of Stories called A Grim Warning coming out in fall the year of 2014, and book 4 will come out in 2015.
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