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Stories that the characters are animals and the characters learn a lesson.

Ana Crespo

on 17 May 2012

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Transcript of Fable

Fables A brief story that teaches a lesson ,or a moral
The lesson is about nature
The characters are usually aniamals FOLKLORE Tall Tales A humorously exaggerated story about
impossible events
Hero is "larger than in life"= stroger , smarter, bigger. Myth Legends A traditional story that was created to explain
mysteries of the universe
Explains how something came to be
Reveal the consequences of both good and bad behavier A story passed down through many generations that is believed to be based on real people and events
Tells about a hero or heroine who has unusual powers
Highlights a positive quality or way of behaving Epic A long narrative poem,often written in formal language , that tells about a series of quests undertaken by a great hero
Features heros tasks such as battles in hich the hero is tested A examples of a Fable is
The fox and the crow A example of a legends is the legend of
King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. A example of a Tall tale is
the story of Johnny Applessed A example of a Myth is
The lochness monster A example of a Epic is
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