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Phosphorus Cycle

No description

Holly Thorn

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Phosphorus Cycle

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The Phophorus Cycle By: Mackenzie Norfolk, Laryssa Ferrara, Clarisa Hudak, Jennifer Langley the sediment can be washed into water and then be condensed into rock Purpose of Water Phosphorus and phosphates are present in the soil naturally although it is in small quantities. Soil Phosphorus binds tightly with other elements in the soil. Plants take in phosphorus from the ground Plants plants are eaten by primary consumers the primary consumers now have phosphorus Primary consumers- herbivores
ex. deer Primary consumers have the phosphorus from eating the plants Consumers the primary consumers are eaten by secondary consumers, taking the phosphorus the secondary consumers have more phosphorus because of bio-magnification Bio-magnification- the concentration of substances increases as the level of consumption increases secondary consumers- eat primary consumers
ex. omnivores or carnivores plants and animals die and are broken down by detritivores Giving Back detritivores put the phosphorus back in the soil detritivores- decomposers, break down dead organic matter phosphorus can also be from a water ecosystem originally phosphorus is a liquid at most temperatures Uses of Phosphorus
or Phosphates back bone of DNA use/storage/creation of ATP waste filtration growth and devolopment Rock the phosphorus from the decomposed organisms enters the ground it is compressed in the earth and turned into rock the rock now contains high amounts of phosphorus compression is due to pressure and temperatures Finally... the rock eventually erodes once the erosion occurs the rock is broken down into soil erosion occurs by wind, water, or impact then the eroded rock particles are carried by nature to the soil leaching -plants take the phosphorus from the soil man disrupts the cycle by adding phosphorus to the soil as fertilizer jennifer clarisa laryssa Mackenzie jennifer laryssa Mackenzie clarisa allow the phosphorus to re-enter the soil jennifer laryssa clarisa Mackenzie laryssa Mackenzie Bibliography http://science.jrank.org/pages/5144/Phosphorus-Cycle-Phosphorus-limiting-nutrient-in-ecosystems.html
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