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Fall Sales Meeting 2014

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Fall Sales Meeting 2014

The next 24 Hours
Who is new in the room?
Next 24 hours....better be productive.
P3- Insurance peddler to lists of stuff to TCOR
Stuck on What? Evolve to How
Case....tell us a story

Who should I talk to- what should I say- and how does it sound?
Who should I talk to-what do i say-how does it sound?
Ground Rules for next 90 mins
Case- tell us about the Bakken
So What...?
Summarize- work smart
BOR or Program Sale
Team Sale?
Connect the dots..
Who should I talk to-what do i say-how does it sound?
Market Penetration
WE DO NOT WRITE 57% of MSF Business
WE DO NOT WRITE 56% of Partner P&C Carrier Business

Business Acumen- where do i get that?
Emerging Risks?
Specific business challenges
Know your resources
You better have a story
Bramlette takes a shot
Groups...what do you got?
Other tools to
make it interesting
Risk Reduction Plans
Top of Stack
It's a conversation- not a presentation. R3 / S3

Next Steps....other approaches.

Transitioning to the assesment- what does that sound like?
Before we knock on a door....what should we know?
Quantify, Assess and Reflect
Breakout- Case Studies
I know what it means....but how do i do it?
Brandon- show us how it's done
Case- circle back
Did we accomplish what we wanted in this meeting? What are our go forward goals?
A conversation....1 thing.
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