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Intellectual Property

No description

Geneva Pouly

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
Plagiarism and Citing Sources
What is intellectual property?
Is something one of you thinks up, and then writes, draws, or makes, property?


Intellectual property describes intellectual materials (ideas, music, words, pictures).

Plagiarism and Paraphrasing
Plagiarism: Presenting someone else's work as your own. Example: Cutting and pasting information from the web into your paper.

Paraphrase: Restatement of a text or passage. This is where you put information found in your own words, but still keep the same meaning.
Consequences of Plagiarism?
1. Fail the class
2. Fail the assignment
3. Suspension or expulsion from school
4. Could affect college eligibility
5. Lose your job
6. Get sued in court

1. Paraphrase and cite our source
2. "Quote" your source
3. Cite sources (bibliography)
4. Use footnotes
Steps Before Leaving a Website. . .
1. Make notes on what you read, but don't copy down word for word. . . what is this called????

2. Copy the URL of the website. Ex: http://isafe.org

3. Write down the title of the article

4. Write down the author

5. Write down the date the website was published . Where can this be found?

Example: i-Safe Inc. "Staying Safe Online." March 11, 2008. Obtained on March 29, 2010 from http://isafe.org
Let's Practice
Go to my website and click on the link. Read the passage and answer the questions.
- Intellectual Property
- Plagiarism
- Paraphrasing
- Citing Sources
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